DIY Bullet Time — Create The Matrix Effect

bullet time photoshop effect

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You remember that scene where Neo discovers he can dodge bullets, and the whole world slows down and he just sort of waves his arms, leans back, and the bullets whiz by him?

So ace.

Anyway, that bullet-time scene required custom contraptions, millions of dollars, and a slew of cameras to pull off. And now you can do it at home.

Before you get too excited, you should know that it’s still pretty darn pricey. Like $5-8,000 pricey. But hey, it’s WAY cheaper than it costs to rent one of these time-slicing rigs ($100K/day), and it’s one of the few ways to live out your fantasies of being The One.

Check out the complete tutorial by the cats at the Graffiti Research Lab or just check out their homemade bullet-time video.

Instructables DIY Bullet-time Tutorial