Creative Ways toPhotograph FlowersIn Your Home

For many of you, the harshness of winter has finally come to a close. (Yay!)

In its place you now have the beauty of spring, which means flowers are everywhere.

We’ve already starting making the most of this new and colorful season with our recent guide on frozen flower photography.

Now we’re gonna share four more ways to get creative with flower photos right in your own home.

So go pick some flowers and let’s get shooting!

Creative Ways to Photo Flowers Indoors


beforeAs awesome as spring is, the beauty of the first bloom is unfortunately quite fleeting.

So taking lots of gorgeous flower photos is a great way to keep the magic of the season alive, even after all the petals have wilted IRL.

Idea 1: Place ‘Em in Sunbeams


Flowers petals look incredibly pretty and translucent when the light hits them a certain way.

So wait for that perfect time of day when sunbeams are coming in through the windows and place your flowers half in/half out of the light before photographing them.


Oh, and since sunlight can be pretty darn intense, you’ll wanna use a faster shutter speed to avoid blowing out the colors.

This will also keep the rest of the shot nice and dark so your flowers look extra vibrant!

Idea 2: Get Close (Like Really Close)


Who doesn’t love a good macro shot? It’s a fun way to see everyday objects from a whole new perspective, and flowers are definitely no exception.

In fact, objects like flowers are especially cool to get macro shots of!


Set up your flowers somewhere with great natural light, then either turn your cam to its macro setting or put a  macro lens on your phone.

Achieve extra abstract shots by honing in on the flower until it’s nearly unrecognizable. Photograph all the different parts and colors of the flower. You may be amazed at how many different details there are to capture!

Idea 3: Pretty Up Your Foodie Photos


Not too long we gave you some tasty ideas for food photos. Now all you gotta do is throw some flowers into the mix!

Why? Because flowers are the perfect way to add some extra color to your already yummy-looking shot.


Garnish your dish by placing a few flowers at the edge of your plate.

Or keep them blurry in the background for some lovely, out-of-the-way tabletop decor. Just set your cam to its lowest aperture for a shallow depth of field, or tap your phone where you want the focus to be.

Idea 4: Wear ’em in a portrait


Flowers don’t only look good on their own. They also make for really lovely props and fashion accessories!

So next time you take a photo of a friend, give them a handful of colorful flowers to hold up next to their smiling face.

beforeOr make a pretty lil’ garland of flowers for them to wear on their head. (Pinterest has a bunch of great ideas and tutorials!)

You can even keep it classic and just stick a flower behind their ear. If you keep the rest of the colors in the photo muted, including the model’s outfit, the color of the flower will really pop.

Taking it further

  • You can have fun with flowers all year long. Just make some out of your very own photos! We’ll show you how.
  • Did you love the macro shots in this article? Then check out #photojojomacro on Instagram for even more inspiring photos taken with our Macro phone lens.