Cooking up Photography in the Kitchen

Let your photography obsession and your love for sweets collide – magic and sprinkles and beautiful photographs everywhere!

Grab these three photo themed kitchen help-ccessories that are cute as all get out and also quite functional.

When the timer strikes zero, wrap your hot and fresh camera cookies up in your tea towel. Quick! Snap a pic before you snap a bite. Now, if only cameras could capture that fresh baked cookie smell.

The Photo ParTEA Towel

Food photography might seem like a simple task, but there are some rules to the game.

Artist Emily McDowell designed the Photo ParTEA Towel, covered it in food photography tips, to look snazzier than your average towel, oh and to dry things too!

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Camera Cookie Cutter Set

Your camera collection is so cute you could just gobble it up! Wait. Right. There.

Maybe a camera cookie would be a better choice? Grab the Camera Cookie Cutter Set, bake ’em up and gobble away!

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f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer

Your lens collection is vast and bordering on obsession. Feed your appetite with the f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer.

It will keep track of your cookie baking so you can get back to instagraming selfies while you lick the spoon.

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