Colorful, Retro Camera Straps: The Perfect Accessory For Your New SLR

Retro Camera StrapIf you have an SLR camera, it’s probably got a standard-issue narrow black fabric strap attached to it, emblazoned with “Nikon” or “Canon” in somewhat cheap-looking white or yellow felt type.

You can see where we’re going with this.

Those who make their living taking photos will throw that strap in the trash. Replacement straps are usually wider (more comfortable when carrying a hefty SLR and lens) and they’re often more secure.

We recently tried out “Hippie Style” straps by Vic Cherubini and loved ’em. At $9, they’re a perfect gift for yourself or an SLR-toting friend.

Vic’s “Hippie Style” Camera Straps

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Denise Cozzitorto hand-makes her Snazzy Camera Straps. They’re available in 24 gorgeous patterns for $20 each. (Update: Got a Canon Rebel? Read this first.)

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