CES Mania — Our Roundup of the Raddest New Camera Releases!

We’re at CES this week!

That stands for Consumer Electronics Show, a convention of the latest in gadgets of all kinds, but best of all: cameras.

You’ll find booths for everything from Hello Kitty to Nikon, Fuji, and Polaroid.

Because all the sensor sizes, f-stops and long-winded terminology* start to melt into a foggy photo haze, we rounded up and broke down the most noteworthy camera stories from CES!

*mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras, anyone?

A Guide to the Latest in Digital Cameras

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beforeWhat’s new? The Polaroid Z340 and the SC1630 Smart Camera.

Like many Polaroid fans, we weren’t sure how to feel about the shift from analog to digital.

Polaroid must’ve read our minds because they’ve kicked the look of their Z340 back a couple of decades, and we like it.

  • The Polaroid Z340

    You may have seen Chase Jarvis demolish a Polaroid Land Camera and a point-and-shoot in a blender.

    Figuratively, that’s what this camera is — a delectable digital analog smoothie. It’s got an old school Polaroid look, but shoots digital photos and spits them out via a built-in Zink printer.

    See our snap of it at the booth!


  • The SC1360 Smart Camera

    We don’t think Eddie Land could ever have predicted this one, but it’s here! Polaroid’s made a smart camera that looks and works an awful lot like a phone yet isn’t one.

    It’s a 16MP camera that runs Android, meaning you’ll be able to edit your photos in-camera, connect to Wi-Fi and play with your fave photo apps.

Tamaggo’s 360 Camera

beforeWhat’s Tamaggo with you? We didn’t know what a Tamaggo was either, but we found out it’s something cool!

  • The Tamaggo Image-360

    If you’re obsessed with 360-degree photo apps and the iPhone Panorama Lens, you might develop a thing for this guy.

    It’s a 14MP camera dedicated to shooting 360 panoramic views. Bluetooth, interactive photos, a touch-screen and USB charging make it extra neat.


beforeWhat’s new? Updated point-and-shoots with fancy software: two new ELPHs and the Powershot G1 X.

  • The ELPH 520 and 110 HS

    Here’s what’s new about these guys:

    1. Sleeping Face Recognition lets you take sneaky photos of sleeping people. It recognizes sleeping faces and automatically turns off the flash and beeping sounds!
    2. Face ID lets you save 12 faces and will prioritize your favorite mugs when focusing & exposing.
    3. High-sensitivity sensors that can shoot at ISO 3200 — shooting in low-light will look a lot better than with past models.


  • The Powershot G1 X

    Fanciest point-and-shoot ever? Yes.

    At $800, it’ll cost you a pretty penny, but at least you’ll have a ginormous 1.5-inch 14.3MP CMOS sensor to photograph that penny.

    The other rad thing about this camera is that its lens is f/2.8 to f/16 which means you can get some nice depth of field.

NOTE: The puppy was not shot with an ELPH, yet provides adorable illustration for the sleep detection feature. Thanks to Desmorider.

GoPro Gone Wireless

beforeWhat’s new? The Wi-Fi BacPac and the Remote Control Kit (for the HD Hero2).

  • The Wi-Fi BacPac

    We just think the idea of a camera wearing a mini back pack is the cutest thing ever.

    Besides that, this little camera add-on lets you wirelessly live-stream your GoPro photo antics via your phone!

  • Remote Control
  • This wrist remote is straight out of Miami Vice. Or Knight Rider.

    Besides cuffing your wrist with gadgety badassery, it lets you control your GoPro when it’s mounted to not so easy to reach places. Say, on top of your head or in a shark cage, for example.

    Oh and BTW, you can control 50 GoPros at once with a single remote.

    A maniacal laugh would go really well with all that photo power.

The photo doesn’t do them justice. See some nice shots of the two on the floor.

Fuji’s Interchangeable Lens Camera

beforeWhat’s new? Lots! Fuji’s updated a few of their camera lines with TEN Finepix cameras we-kid-you-not, all kinds of superzoom cameras, and the X-S1.

We’re most excited about the new X-Pro1.

  • The Fuji X-Pro1

    You might call him the X100‘s just-as-dapper younger brother.

    It’s Fuji’s new mirrorless! What makes this one shine is its large 16MP sensor and the fact that it has an interchangeable lens mount (with 3 lens options) — something the X100 and X10 were missing.

    Fuji claims its sensor rivals Canon’s 5D Mark II with essentially no noise at ISO 6400. They’re also planning on releasing a Leica M-mount adapter, so you can pair it with ultra-sharp Leica lenses.

    And then die happy.

    Let’s not forget that retro rangefinder body. Hawt.

UPDATE: Fuji’s released sample photos shot with the X-Pro 1.


beforeWhat’s new? THE D4!!!

  • Nikon’s D4 DSLR

    Perhaps an audible YEEE projected from behind your monitor upon reading the news of Nikon’s latest DSLR…and no one’s judging you for it because they did it, too.

    The D4 is indeed Nikon’s newest, and it’s an awesome beast of camera.

    A full-frame 16.2MP sensor and 204,800 ISO means you can capture photos in incredibly dim light. Plus, it’s equipped with a 3D Matrix Meter III, a really long name for its ability to measure light and color very precisely.

    It’s going for $6,000, but it’s as good as it gets when it comes to Nikon DSLRs.

BONUS THING TO LOOK AT: Corey Rich traveled to Mexico, California and Utah to shoot this gorgeous film with the D4. We’re green with jelly.

Even more photo gizmos: