Bring Your Vacation Souvenirs to Life


Our desks are teeming with tchotchkes: here a London snow globe, there a Mickey Mouse key fob and Sally, the Statuette of Liberty. It’s cluttered.

If you’re like us, we suggest taking those trinkets back where they came from. Not to return ’em, but to make your vacation photos just a tad… unusual.

Michael Hughes’ “Souvenirs” set began when he realized he was at the exact location of a postcard in his pocket. He held the postcard in front of his camera, lined it up, and presto!

Three years later, he’s photographed dozens of souvenirs in front of their real-world counterparts.

Next time you skip town (or stay in town–every place has a touristy destination), bring your tour booklets, ceramic postcards, blow-up double-decker buses, and Leaning Tower of Pisa lollipop to add a dose of flair to the well-trodden tourist photo. Sally could use a vacation.

Michael Hughes’ Souvenirs

P.S. We’re working with our pals at JPG on a photo challenge! Take a pic of a small part of something (maybe one of your souvenirs), and leave us guessing. Confuse us. Make us say “oh yea, duh” upon your big reveal. Just enter before Wednesday!