Backblaze: Backup Software You’ll Actually Use


Backing up your computer is like brushing and flossing. The ole Sonicare looks funny in the pocket, so most people just don’t floss every day or brush after every meal.

But don’t backup, and someday, inevitably, you will lose your files, music, and lose your photos! And that hurts worse than a cavity.

Online backup software makes it easy — continuously backing up your whole computer automatically. Set it up once and go about your life.

Backblaze is the best online backup tool we’ve ever used.

Why we love it:

  • No DVDs, no hard drives to mess with
  • Backups happen invisibly as soon as files are added
  • $5/month, no matter how big your hard drive
  • Won’t slow down your computer. Really.
  • Your online backup can’t be lost or stolen
  • Download your backed up files anytime (of course) or have them overnighted to you on DVDs or a hard drive (spiffy!)

We’ve tried Mozy, Carbonite, and CrashPlan. We’ve used Amazon S3, we’ve used hard drives. Backblaze is the first one that’s stuck.

Please, for the love of photography, sign up for this thing. Your photos are worth saving!

Backblaze: Online Backup You’ll Actually Use
Mac or PC (The Mac version’s in private beta, but we scored invites for all of you.)