Attachable Lenses for Your Camera-Phone, Fisheye & Macro/Wide Angle Phone Lenses

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Camera-phones. They’re a wonder unto themselves.

We never fail to whip ours out for in-the-moment shots, and our Facebook mobile album is three times bigger than any other.

So, when we found these nifty fisheye and combination wide-angle/macro camera phone lenses, we were psyched to see our phone photos umphed to the tenth degree!

These two high-clarity glass lenses are like pro lenses for our camera-phone, delivering crisp and clear snaps every time.

They’re compatible with any kind of camera-phone. Plus, they give us all the extreme-angle fun we’ve been dying to have but couldn’t afford in full-size.

Concerts, family reunions, skateboarding adventures, strolls through botanical gardens, Beastie Boy photo-shoots. Yup, we’re set!

Fisheye, Macro and Wide Angle Phone Lenses Tweet It!
$20-$40 at the Photojojo Shop!