Amazing Little Pocket Portfolio

There is something to be said about an object that fits in the palm of your hand.

Small things have that cool ability to be precious while at the same time not taking themselves too seriously.

They are quiet and understated and beg us to take a second look.

We’ve got a handy little tutorial for you that will show you how to easily make a tiny portfolio to showcase your large talent.

Good things come in small packages. Oh, heck yeah they do!

Create Your Very own Pocket Portfolio

Why It’s Cool

Sometimes it’s nice to whisper instead of shout.

These pocket portfolios are tiny little pieces of art that make your work shine in a fun and care free way.

It’s pretty darn cool to have a pocket full of your work you can show off at a moments notice.


  • Small printed photos
  • Utility knife or exacto knife
  • Matboard (thin cardboard will work too)
  • Ruler/Straight Edge
  • A surface to cut on
  • White archival acid free tape
  • Decorative tape

STEP 1: Set the Scale


Print your photos really small (we went with 3 x 2 inches).

In Photoshop it’s as easy as pulling up the print panel (File > Print) and changing up the scale. If you are working with a vertical image change the height to 3 inches, if it’s a horizontal image change the width to 3 inches.

Once they’re printed, cut them to size.

STEP 2: Stick ’em Together


Line your photos up in the order you’d like them to appear in the portfolio. Or go wild, shuffle ’em up and let fate decide what the order is.

Grab the first two photos and place one on top of the other with both images facing up.

Place a piece of white tape on the edge of the image on top.


STEP 3: Couple Up


Fold the tape back around the bottom of your pair.

Continue to tape pairs of images together until your photos are all coupled up.


STEP 4: Stacks on stacks on stacks


Once you have all of your images paired together, stack them all up on top of one another.

Tape the edge of the top image and wrap the tape around to the back of the bottom of the image.


STEP 5: Measure your Matboard


Place your matboard on a cutting surface.

Use the booklet of images to measure a cover that is a little bit larger than the contents of the portfolio.

STEP 6: Slice and slice


Cut out a front cover for your portfolio using a straight edge and utility knife.

Repeat! Cut the same size matboard for the back of the portfolio.

STEP 7: It’s all Coming Together


Tape your two boards to your currently coverless portfolio using white tape.

STEP 8: The Finishing Touch


Cut a piece of decorative tape the length of your portfolio and shcnazz up the binding with some color.


STEP 9: In the Palm of Your Hands


Hold your tiny masterpiece in your hands and smile.

Taking It Further


  • If you have a photo biz you’d like to promote use your business card as the front cover of the portfolio and hand out tiny samples of your work.
  • Play around with the shapes of the portfolio. A square book would be pretty neat!
  • Create a little narrative with your images (you can even add text) to make a tiny photographic novel.