Add Wi-Fi to any Camera with the Eye-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card


Before we even start to tell you what this thing is, we have to tell you: it’s amazing, we LOVE it, and it makes us feel like we’re living in the future.

Also, let us answer up front, with a dandy little mini-FAQ, what you’ll soon be asking:

Q: Is this really as awesome as it sounds?
A: Yes. Maybe awesome-er.

Q: Wait, are you serious? Is this for real?
A: You betcha.

With that out of the way… the Eye-Fi Wireless memory card adds Wi-Fi to any camera that uses SD memory. It’s orange. It looks like a normal SD camera memory card. It holds 2 GB of photos. And it wirelessly uploads your photos to your computer and to Flickr or one of 16 other photo sharing sites.

We always dreamed that someday, we’d merely turn on our cameras and all our photos would be invisibly downloaded to our computer and uploaded for our friends to see. It’s someday.

No buttons, no antennas, and no wires. Just modern technological magic.

Wi-Fi SD Memory Card
$99.99 at the Photojojo store for 2GB of storage and antenna-free, cable-free, subscription fee-free wifi heaven.

p.s. We’re the first to ship this little bugger (we started last night) and we’re already sold out of half of our inventory. We think it’s gonna be a hit!

p.p.s. Wish there were a CompactFlash version? We do, too. We’re testing adapters and expect to have one for sale next week.

p.p.p.s. To our friends abroad, the Eye-Fi is not yet certified for use outside the United States. They’re working on it!