Add Star & Heart-Shaped Bokeh to Your Photos — Fun to Say, Looks Great Too!


One of our favorite words as photo-loving folk is the word “Bokeh.”

Not only is it fun to say, but “Bokeh” adds incredible depth and interest to our photos- creating blurred, out-of-focus areas in them (“the Fuzzy”, we like to say) that can change a regular ol’ snapshot into a photograph.

We just found a tutorial that helps you shape the Fuzzy into different shapes- stars, hearts, butterflies… Imagine how cool it is to see hearts appear in your portraits, almost magically!

It’s actually easier than you think - simply make a fake lens hood from black construction paper, then cut a hole out of it in the shape you’d like. When light reaches your lens through the shaped hole, it’ll then take on that shape - whether its a star or a heart or whatever!

We feel like a giant anvil just fell on us from the sky, ala a Looney Tunes cartoon - we’re seeing stars everywhere with our photos now. We love it!

Create Your Own Bokeh

Don’t miss the six best ways to use this technique in your photos. Photo by joy_sale.