A Truly Adventurous Giveaway From PJ and Poler!

We’ve teamed up with Poler for the ultimate roundup of summer fun/camping/roadtrip essentials.

Check out our favorite Poler gear, and their favorite picks from our shop.

It’s never too late to start your summer adventure.


Our Favorite Poler Stuff


1. The Napsack


It’s a coat. It’s a sleeping bag. It’s a Napsack! Keep your arms free to snap campfire photos and climb into your tent already snuggled up in your bag. After all, the best bag to sleep in is the one you’ve got on you.

Check Out the Comfy Napsack Here


2. The Roamers Pack


Super durable pack with three huge pockets for carrying all your photo gear. Throw in a padded laptop pocket inside and you’ve got yourself one perfect bag for day hikes through the woods or the city.

Get Your Roamers Pack on Here


3. The Two Man Tent


We’re kind of speechless after watching this video about the Two Man Tent. But we will say that light, roomy, easy to set-up tents are hard to come by in such style. The rainfly keeps your gear dry in wet weather and could definitely double as a reflector or hung up to make shade.

See the Tent in Action


4. Waterproof Jackets


Toss that garbage bag you’ve been using as a poncho and keep your body and pocket gear dry in this waterproof shell. Stylish, breathable, waterproof and adjustable. It’s an adventure essential.

Snag Your Shell For Men and Women


5. The Poler Dutch Oven With Lid


If you’ve gotta put the camera down, this is the next best thing to have in your hand! For car camping, or short hike-ins, this pre-seasoned skillet is the way to cook up some grub over the fire. You won’t be going back to tin-foil meals any time soon.

Go Dutch Here


Poler’s Favorite PJ Schtuff


1. Cordito


Nice way to organize and transport your cords on a road trip. Stuffs into a backpack or duffel bag easily.

Check Out Cordito Here


2. iPhone Super Suit


Sometimes getting the best outdoor photo means putting your phone at risk of a horrific consequences. The Super Suit helps protect your phone from water, dropping, sand, and more.

Suit Up Here


3. The Convertible Roadtrip Tripod


Versatile tripod that compacts easily, comes with a case, and is convertible into a monopod. Great for packing light while traveling.

Travel Here for Tripod


4. The Power Pot


There are almost never power outlets when you’re camping, but there should always be cooking. This pot can charge a USB device with the heat of a fire or camp stove, so you can take more photos or shoot more video while you’re out.

Power Up Here


5. The Camalapse


Everyone loves a good outdoor time lapse photo. This little guy is easy to pack and helps you get super smooth pans.

See Camalapse in Action


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