A Celebration of Droneography

We’ve had photo drones in the Photojojo Shop for over a year!

We’ve taken some great flights, shot our fair share of dronies, wrote the book on Drone flying (free with every Drone in the Photojojo Shop) and today we’re launching our first Photojojo designed drone accessory!

What a year.

Click on through to see photos and videos taken by Photojojo customers (and their drone), check out a world map that lets you get a drone’s-eye-view of hundreds of cities and natural wonders alike.

Then, watch our training vids to see if you’ve got what it takes to become a pilotographer.

See Just What Photo Drones Can Get Up To

No Drone, No Problem


When we’re stuck firmly on the ground, we like to browse the world map on TravelbyDrone.com. It’s covered in thousands of red dots that each represent a drone video you can watch.

If you prefer to browse on your phone, Dronestagram is a great resource for watching aerial pix and vids.

UnHumble Brag Alert!


It turns out … really talented people shop in our shop! We had our suspicions but these folks confirmed it.

Blaine Westropp’s beautiful video had us ready to run out of the office and straight to Venice Beach, but a 384 mile run seemed a bit excessive.

Patricia Chang used her drone to take in the view from the top of a sky scraper that hasn’t been built yet!

Paul Stamatiou wrote one of the most in-depth articles on the history of drones we’ve ever read. It’s full of tips and reviews – a must read for aspiring drone pilots.

Erica Mengouchian has taken her droneography to Instagram (she’s @erica_mengouchian). She shot that stunning lighthouse! Check out #fromericasdrone for a whole feedful of amazing shots.

Pimp Your Drone


If you’ve got a drone, or are starting to see a drone in your future, we’ve got some recos for must have dronccessories.

A Drone Banner – Let your fellow park-goers know, “No that isn’t a swarm of bees, just a friendly drone.”

A Pocket Field Guide – We wrote the book on drones, and made it pocket sized, so you can carry practice flight patterns, travel tips, helpful diagrams and more, with you wherever you go.

The Hover App – We <3 this app. It’ll let you know the direction of the wind, whether you’re in a no-fly zone and how much time you’ve got left on your battery. Useful with a capital U.

We Believe You can Fly


Think you’ve got what it takes to be a pilotographer?

We think so too! It’s simpler than you think. Watch our short video guide to piloting a drone and learn the ropes.

If you want to pick up a new drone (lucky you!) head on over to the Photojojo Shop, real quick. The Phantom 2 is $100 off ($200 off with the built in Vision+ camera!) for a limited time.

‘Till next time … Excuse us while we dronie awaaaa aaa aaa aay!