8 Fashion Photographers You Should Have On Your Radar

The fashion photography world is enormous, and it’s ever growing.

So how in the world do you find the best of the best? Ask the experts!

Atlas Magazine is an independent print and digital publication geared at the promotion of the next generation of fashion creatives. They receive thousands of submissions a month from photographers globally.

So we asked them, experts that they are, to list the fashion photographers that they’re loving right now.

Take a look at the list. Follow your faves on Instagram. We think you’re going to love them too!


Saskia Lawson

Saskia is a young 22 year old photographer based just outside of London.

Don’t be fooled by her young age though. This girl is taking the industry by storm!

Excelling in a studio, but just as talented on location, her fashion photography is forward thinking and original every single time. Follow Saskia if you want to feel inspired before your next studio shoot.
Website | Instagram

Tom Buck

Tom Buck is a London based fashion photographer.

Not only is he a senior fashion photographer at luxury online store Net-A-Porter right now, he’s also an extremely talented freelance fashion photographer.

He’s got an incredible affinity for light! Follow Tom if you want to nail your poses.
Website | Instagram

Martina Tolot

Martina Tolot’s portfolio can be perfectly described with two words, “Californian dream!” It’s no surprise really, seeing that Martina is based in Los Angeles.

Her ability to tell a story through her images is uncanny. We highly recommend spending a couple of minutes flipping through her online portfolio.

Follow Martina if you’re interested in imagery with a really strong narrative.
Website | Instagram

Steve Marais

Taking you to the other end of the world now is Steve Marais, a South African photographer.

With a bit of a darker mood to his work, Steve definitely doesn’t get enough credit for how talented he really is.

Unsure how to jazz up your photography portfolio website? Check out Steve’s for some great tips on creating a beautiful site.
Website | Instagram

Lisa Loftus

Lisa Loftus is a New York based photographer who knew from a very early age that all she wanted to do was be a photographer.

Over the years she’s honed her skills, and we’re sure that if she could turn back time and tell her younger self that one day she WOULD be a photographer, she’d have been incredibly impressed.

We love Lisa’s work so much! Follow Lisa if you want to feel inspired by powerful and delicate women.
Website | Instagram

Maku Lopez

Maku Lopez is a Spanish fashion photographer, who also shoots behind the scenes on film sets. Maku has amassed an extensive portfolio of magazine credits.

What strikes us most about Maku’s work is her clear love for color; you just can’t escape it in her portfolio!

Follow Maku if you’re looking for inspiration on color use; she nails it every time.
Website | Facebook

Lucia Fatima

Not only is Lucia’s fashion photography stunning, but we really, really want to be her best friend.

This Swiss fashion photographer, who spent time studying in Milan, Italy, has a style that can be best described as telling a beautiful story. You can tell that she’s a romantic at heart, because the affinity with which she captures her wedding photography, really comes through into her fashion work as well.

Follow Lucia if you feel like you’re work is a stuck in a rut, and you want to see fashion photography from a new perspective.
Website | Instagram

Nick Eucker

Nick Eucker is a very successful New York based fashion photographer, with an ability to create stunning editorial and commercial work.

He initially picked up a camera to capture images of his brother skateboarding. His love for imagery grew quickly, and he eventually became drawn to fashion photography.

Get inspired by more of Nick’s work on his website. Follow Nick if you want to get a good idea of what it takes to be a successful commercial and and editorial photographer.
Website | Tumblr

Article by: Olivia Bossert – Editor In Chief of Atlas Magazine. Atlas is an independent print and digital magazine geared at the promotion of the next generation of fashion creatives. Open for submissions from fashion photographers anywhere in the world, they would love to see your work!

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