6 Things You Can Do With Your Old iPhone

It’s Apple season everybody! The newest iPhone’s are ripe for the picking.

This is the biggest (literally) iPhone update since the beginning of iPhones.The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have made their debut, and will be available in stores tomorrow!

If you’re getting ready to part ways with your current iPhone, we’ve rounded up some ideas of what you can do with them instead of tossing them in a desk drawer!

What Do I Do With My Old iPhone?

p.s. Not getting a new iPhone? Cheer yourself up with a chuckle over at whatshouldidowithmyoldphone.com. You might not need that advice, but honestly, it’s not very good. hehe.


You don’t want your old phone to sit in a junk drawer gathering dust…it still has a purpose! Whether you trade it in for cash or pass it on to a younger generation, there’s a plethora of things it can be used for!


beforeThis is the easiest way to get money back on your phone. Bring it with you, when you go to pick up a new one. Apple’s Reuse and Recycling Program will either give you a giftcard online, or you can take it to a store and get credit towards a new iPhone. You can get up to $310 for an iPhone 5S in good condition!

You can also trade it in to your wireless carrier. For a 5S 16GB, Verizon users can get $325, AT&T users can get $280, and Sprint users can get $195. The amount of memory and condition it’s in will drop or raise the price.

But, these aren’t the best deals you can get …


beforeSelling online is a great way to get more cash, if you have time on your hands to find which sites will give you the most money. Plus, you will get cold hard cash instead of credit.

Gazelle, NextWorth, uSell and Glyde are known to give you the most cash back. You can get anywhere from $210 – $375 for a 5S depending on which carrier you have.

Amazon will give you up to $400, but cash back comes in the form of an Amazon giftcard. Let’s be honest though, is there anything you can’t buy on Amazon? Giftcard sounds good to us!


beforeLots of charities and schools are happy to have your phone as a donation. Phones4Charity is an awesome site that will show you where you can drop your phone off in your city!

You can also ship your phone to organizations like National Coalition Against Domestic Violence or Cell Phones for Soldiers. Most charities will give you a receipt to claim a tax deduction when you donate your phone, so you’re getting even more than just warm fuzzies.


beforeThe quality of phone cameras nowadays is pretty spectacular – your old phone would make a great “first camera” for a kid just itching to get into photography!

Don’t fret, there’s need to keep up the phone contract. They can use Wi-Fi for posting to Instagram. Or, don’t connect to the internet at all and just plug in to upload their pix.

We’ll be seeing their phone pics at the MoMA in no time. Have we ever mentioned we love Phoneography?


beforeThat old phone isn’t totally useless to you! It’ll still have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access, so there’s a lot it can still be used for.

It could be the sound system for your house or car, your alarm clock, universal remote or a professional camera!


beforeHave a wobbly table or chair? Try using your old phone to even out the legs! Put it in a shadow box with other old phones (evolution right before your eyes!), smash it and use it for an art piece, or smash it to let steam off! Mondays, amirite?

If you want to get extra creative, we made a whole site full of great* ideas for what to do with your old phone. We conveniently placed it at whatshouldidowithmyoldphone.com. Yes, there may be goats involved.

Special thank you to Apple, Stopnlook, NCADV, Chronicles of a Suburban Nature Mom, Uncommon Goods, and Technabob for the photos!