6 Simple Resolutions for a More Photogenic 2016

It’s a new year, which means a fresh start on some new goals.

If you’re anything like us (and we know you are!) you’re already thinking about making major photography strides in 2016.

So join us in some challenges this year, we promise to keep ’em simple and fun!

1. Take One Photo a Day!


Taking a photo everyday is a great way to keep learning and growing as a photographer.

It is surprisingly easy for the first couple weeks … then, surprisingly hard to come up with new things to photo.

We recommend posting your daily photo somewhere, so your followers can keep you on track and give feedback. Also, picking up a set of Iris Lenses is a great way to get a new (fisheye, wide angle and macro) perspective on the same ol’ things you see every day.

2. Learn by Teaching


A great way to solidify your photo skills is to teach someone else everything you know.

You probably have a relative who got their first smartphone or DSLR for Christmas. Set up a few lessons with them!

If they’re anything like our moms, they might just need a set of Paperback Sticky Notes to jot down just where to find the cropping option in the camera app and other such mysteries.

3. Master the Selfie


Self portraits have been the bread and butter of famous artists for centuries, because one’s self is usually the most available subject.

So set yourself a goal to change your profile pic every month this year with the perfect self portrait.

Pick up a bluetooth shutter remote to avoid the unsightly extend-o-arm of your more basic selfies.

Build Your Own Camera


A sure fire way to get familiar with the magic of photography and learn all the ins and outs of your camera is to build your own camera from scratch!

The Konstructor Kit gives you all the right pieces and clear instructions. Bonus: It’s tons of fun too.

5. Challenge Yourself Every Week or Every Day!


Choose your resolutions as you go by pulling cards from a stack of Bigger Picture Cards.

Each deck includes photo challenge cards so you learn as you go, and photo inspiration cards to guide you toward your next masterpiece.

Simply combine one info card and one task card for a unique challenge. There are 400 possible combinations, so you can you draw a new one as often as you need.

6. Switch to Manual Mode


Switching your DSLR over to manual mode can be scary. You’ll certainly end up shooting a bunch of lousy shots, BUT you’ll learn lots as you do and end up taking better photos than ever before.

Make the switch in 2016 and know you don’t have to go it alone.

Luxi turns your phone into a light meter. Your phone will tell you just what manual settings are going to work best for the specific scene you are shooting.