6 Amazing New Photo Goodies from Photojojo


Who doesn’t love the holidays?

Cornbread stuffing, pumpkin pie, tryptophan-laden birds, and a hot helping of the most raddest new photo goodies on the planet from your pals at Photojojo. ;-)

Scroll on down to see what we’ve got on our table.

      A simple camera…

… on a simple mission: to take beautiful wide angle shots with bold colors and awe-inspiring horizons at the click of a button.

Mission accomplished little one, you’re our latest fave that we can’t live without.

The Ultra Wide and Slim
$32 at the Photojojo Store (includes film)

Put Your DSLR in Retro Mode

This. Is. Huge. Lomography’s cult classic Diana+ lens now fits your Canon or Nikon DSLR. It’ll transform your beloved hunk of metal and glass into a digital toy camera.

Finally! A way for us digital fans to kick it lo-fi with the hip kids.

The Dreamy Diana Lens
$60 at the Photojojo Store (with adapter)

      Turn any photo into a polaroid!

There’s something about that classic white border that just makes our hearts sing.

Display any photo as if it were a Polaroid with these endlessly interchangeable frames that tack to your walls.

Polaroid Picture Frames
Set of 9 for $20 at the Photojojo Store

Picture Frame Piggy Bank

Combines two things we love most: money and photographs. (JK!)

But really, it’s the nicest looking piggy-bank-that-doubles-as-photo-frame around. Makes for a great gift certificate vehicle.

The Wish Bank Frame
$28 at the Photojojo Store


Camera Phone Filters

Give your camera phone the accessorizing attention it deserves.

See the world through Kaleidoscopes, Wide Angles, and Starbursts with these endlessly reusable sticky lenses.

Jelly Phone Filters
Set of 3 for $15 at the Photojojo Store

Instantly Awesome Blow-Up Frame

We’re always looking for the ideal no-fuss frame — and we think we’ve found it.

Slip in a print, pass it a bit of fresh air, and BLAMMO you have yourself one classy gilded frame that weighs practically nothing.

The Inflate-A-Frame
1 for $12 at the Photojojo Store