5 Festive Ways to Craft Your Engineer Prints

Want seriously impressive seasonal decor?

Some lo-fi black and white Engineer Prints may be just what you’re looking for!

They’re super BIG (3 feet x 4 feet!) but lightweight and therefore perfect for decorating/crafting.

So check out our five ideas on how to use your prints around the house this holiday season. They’ll look amazing whether you keep them larger than life or cut ’em down in size.

5 Ways Your Prints Can Spread Cheer This Season

p.s. Know a friend who loves crafts as much as we do? Put a smile on their face by putting an Engineer Print Gift Kit under their tree!

1. Customized gift wrap


Add an extra special touch to your gifts this season by wrapping them up in your own beautiful prints!

Because the engineer prints are so darn big (3ft x 4ft to be exact) you’ll have plenty of material to work with in order to create your own unique wrapping paper.

Tip: Try wrapping without tape using this tutorial! If you fold and secure the paper over the gift without tape, it will be easier to take off without tearing. Then whoever receives your beautifully giftwrapped-gift can save the photo and maybe even frame it. It’s a 2-in-1 present!

2. Placemats for a Pretty Meal


One of the great things about holidays is all the delicious food. Help set the table with unique placemats that everyone can enjoy as they eat.

Cut up the print to your chosen placemat sizes, then use a self-adhesive laminating roll (found at most office supply or craft stores) to protect your lovely photo from possible food and drink spillage.

Tip: Choose a “busy” photo so that no matter how you cut up the print, each piece will have something cool on it. This way you won’t be left with any blank or super abstract placemats–unless that’s what you’re going for, which is also a-ok!

3. A Warm “Fire”


You can have the cozy look of a life-size fireplace in a couple of short, simple steps!

Get your engineer print of a roaring, toasty fireplace (you can either take the photo yourself or find one and ask permission to use it). Hang your print on the wall, low to the ground. Voila! You are now ready to get toasty in front of your fireplace! Didn’t we say it was simple?

Bonus points if you use red and orange cellophane or good ol’ markers to color in the flames!

Tip:  Come December you can make your fireplace a little more jolly by adding either paper stockings (cut out from red construction paper) or even the real thing!

4. Photo Wreaths


Give the traditional holiday wreath a makeover by creating one made of parts from your prints!

First, make yourself a wreath frame. We made ours out of cardboard but you can also use other materials like wire.

Cut your print up into small, varying sizes. With double-sided tape, place your print pieces on the wreath frame however you see fit. If you want to hang your wreath, cut a hole into the frame and lace some ribbon through.

Tip: If you want to add decorations to your wreath, make your frame wider! This way there will be space for both the photos and any extra material you want to add, like lace or flowers.

5. A tree to decorate


If you don’t feel like going out and getting a real 3D tree, why not just hang up a poster of one instead!

But here’s the catch: you’re still going to decorate it.

Hang up the print of your glorious evergreen tree. Now make your own 2D paper ornaments with colorful construction paper, markers, glitter, or whatever else your heart desires! Tape or glue your ornaments to the tree for an authentic decorating experience.

Tip: You don’t have to stop at paper ornaments. You can string garland across your tree, or even poke some holes in the print to string real lights through!


Want to try one (or all) of these awesome ideas?
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Taking it further


  • Brrr! Send a warm-climate friend a gorgeous print of snow-covered streets so they can hang it up and experience your winter wonderland.
  • Cut a print into pieces (as big or small as you want) and make it a puzzle to give as a gift!
  • The engineer print gift kit is a surefire way to make someone’s day! Why not send one to a friend?