5 Fantastic DIY Ways To Take Your Cell Photos Off-Screen

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3.

We’ll admit it, we’re obsessed with iPhoneography.

We take our cell phone lenses everywhere we go, we share our photos in real time, we even dress up our phones to look like our favorite cameras!

We thought it was about time that we started taking our photos out of our phones and sharing them with the material world.

Today we’re showing you how you can make your own phone photo stickers, magnets, photobooth-style strips, lamps, and more with your iPhone photos using your household inkjet printer!

Use Your Cell Phone Shots To Make DIY Projects!

p.s. The awesome folks at Easy Canvas Prints (wizards at turning your photos into awesome canvas prints) are *giving away* free canvas prints on our Facebook page today!

Create A Set of Stickers

beforeWant to make some rad stickers that’ll show Lisa Frank who’s boss?

Most craft or office supply stores carry photographic sticker paper that you can use in your home printer like photo paper.

Squeeze as many photos onto one sheet as you can, cut ’em out with scissors when they’re dry, and stick them anywhere. (Even the back side of your phone!)

*Tip: Sticker paper can be a little pricey. If you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative, try blank label sheets from an office supply store!

Photo-Booth Style Strips

beforeFirst, you’ll need to print your favorite photos out on some nice photo paper.

For this and other projects using Instagram photos, we recommend printing your photos between 2-3″ wide for best resolution. (We found they still look good up to 8″ for some projects, so try experimenting with what you like best.)

We found that printing 16 photos on one sheet of 8×10 photo paper made for a perfect size photo strip!

beforeUse a paper cutter or pair of scissors to trim the edges around each column of four pictures. (If they’re not aligned correctly for a photo-strip, change the configuration of your printer from vertical to horizontal.)

They’re perfect for collecting, using as bookmarks, to remember a fun day, as a gift, on your fridge, or even in a DIY snowglobe!

Make A Lamp With Fotoclips!

before Fotoclips are the cutest little clear helpers, made to keep your photos together so you can build stuff with ’em.

They’re also perfect for playing with your homemade printed Instagrams!

Print your photos 2″-4″ wide each. Use fotoclips to snap ’em together, and build yourself a photo curtain or a lamp!

We made this lamp by clipping together Instagram prints with fotoclips until they were tall enough to cover the base of our desk lamp.

Make Your Own Magnets!

beforeYou don’t have to use a mail-order service to get professional looking magnets with your Instagrams or cell phone photos on them.

In fact, you can make them in under 5 minutes at home!

Sheets of magnetic paper compatible with inkjet printers are available at most office supply stores.

Feed your printer one piece of magnet paper at a time, print as if you’re printing on photo paper, and trim when you’re done!

Your fridge is going to be *so* jealous of all the yummy food photos you stick to the front of it.

A Cell Phone Photo Wall At Home.

beforeAlways wanted a fantastic instant print wall but don’t want to pay for pricey Polaroid film?

We think iPhone photos are the perfect solution!

If you don’t already use Instagram to make square photos, you can crop them to square shape using your image editing program, or simply cut them down before you hang them.

We printed our instagram photos at different sizes between 2″ and 8″ and tiled them on our wall.

Hang with fotoclips, tape, or sticky putty!

Even more projects you can play with!


  • Check out our roundup of the best Instagram apps, including ones that’ll make you books, stickers, magnets, and more!
  • Try making a magnetic photo puzzle! Just print your photo 5-8″ on magnet paper, slice and dice it, and see if you can stump your room-mates!
  • You can also print straight on to canvas with your inkjet printer using special fabric found at any craft or fabric store. Use it to make a photo pouch!
  • Print your Instagrams or cell shots about 2″ wide on thick card-stock paper. Fill in your basic info on the other side and voila! As many instant business cards as your heart desires!
  • Want to use a picture to send a quick thank-you note or share a photo of your Saturday with Mom? Our Polapost Frames will turn your Instagram prints into mailable instant print lookalikes! (Check out our mailable photo frames if square format isn’t your style.)