4 Step DIY Wine Glass Photo Frames!

photo wine glassesWhat could be better than gazing longingly into a glass of white wine?

How about gazing into that same glass and seeing someone gazing right back at you? :)

That might sound a tad creepy now, but take a closer look at our awesome photo wine glass photo frames and pretty soon you’ll be scowling, growling, and grinning… whatever it takes to make the perfect cup-bottom portrait.

Wine glass photo frames are a cinch to make, but the amusement is endless. Read our tutorial to find out how!

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Making a wine glass photo frame is super simple, and the final result is really fun. Put ’em all of your place to surprise and shock your guests!

The Ingredients (per glass)

  • 1 Photo

  • Wine Glass

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Small Paintbrush

  • Mod Podge

Step 1: Take The Perfect Photo

IMG_2070.jpgYou can use a photo of anything, but portraits are particularly fun. Make sure your subject’s face fits nicely inside the circumference of your wine glass.

You can use a photo where the face takes up the entire bottom of the glass, or leave some background instead. The closer our subject is in size to the bottom of the glass, the better.

Step 2: Trace and Cut Your Photo

IMG_3097_2.jpgOnce you’ve got an appropriate photo, you’re ready to frame it! Place your photo on a hard surface underneath the wine glass. Move around the glass until the part of the photo you want to use shows through the bottom.

Now trace the outline of your glas bottom with a pencil. Quickly cut out the outline with your scissors. Be careful not to go inside the outline, but don’t worry about getting right on the line. Once you’ve attached it to the glass, you’ll have a chance to trim it.

STEP 3: A Sticky Business

IMG_3106.jpgTake a close look at the bottom of your wine glass. Does it have a completely flat bottom or does it curve up towards the center and stem? You’ll want tob e careful to apply Mod Podge only to the portion of the glass that will touch the photo. (ie. The flat part.)

Go ahead and use your brush to apply mod podge sparingly to the flat parts of the bottom of your glass! It’ll dry faster and clearer if you don’t put too much on.

Once you’ve covered the surface, attach your photo face up. (Har har. We’re so hilarious!) :)

Step 4: Dry and Trim

IMG_2171.jpgBecause a photograph is not as porous as paper, it can take up to 24 hours to dry. Be patient! It WILL dry. Mod Podge dries clearly, so wait until you can see your photo clearly before proceeding.

Once it’s try, get those scissors out again and trim any part of your photo that extends beyond the bottom of your glass.

You’re done. Drink Up!

Voila! You’re done!

Notice how your photograph is magnified when the glass is holding a transparent liquid. Try not to laugh with your mouth full when you see that funny face peering up at you. Or not.

Pour yourself something bubble and celebrate. Have fun!

p.s. The photo glasses are not dishwasher-safe. Wash by hand, and avoid getting the bottom wet altogether.

What’s Next?

  • Attach felt (the same size as your photo) to the bottom after the photo glass is completed.
  • Try this with a different glass container such as a clear bowl, juice glass, vase champagne flute, or candy jar.
  • Instead of a portrait, try a fun pattern!