3 Ways to Embellish Your Engineer Prints

Unless you’ve been living under a big fat rock, you are all over Engineer Prints right?

Yup folks, we are now printing your photos human sized in lo fi black and white ink, through the Print app we made (Hi, Parabo Press). Deck the walls! And floor. And ceiling!

First you’re going to need a print. Grab the app, and use the code PJOJO for $10 off your Engineer Print.

Now once you’ve got a print and want EVEN more pizzazz, we’ve got you covered.

Three ways to give your prints color with some personality to boot coming atcha. Go go go!

Make Your Engineer Prints Even More Amazing

Idea 1: Settle, Petal


Use these clever fasteners to attach artificial flowers to your prints. For best results, bunch them up in groups and go for a variety of different flowers.

Idea 2: Glitter Darling


Pick a section of your print and get glittering! Whether you follow our lead and colour block, or intricately outline your design, you can’t go wrong with glitter.

Idea 3: Keep Calm and Crayon


Time to let out your inner kindergartener! Grab some oil pastels and draw ALL OVER your print.

Taking it further


  • If you aren’t worried about the shelf life of your print, go all out and use REAL flowers.
  • Attach some photo confetti instead of glitter!
  • Two words: Puffy Paint.
  • No Engineer Prints in your life?