12 Photo Contests to Enter Right Now: Win Fame, Glory and an Army of Minions!

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Well, to be fair, we can’t really promise you any minions. Minions are hard to come by these days.

But still, fame and glory! And in some cases, cash money!

Contests build character. They make you take a long hard look at your photos and admit that some of them are really, really good.

What have you got to lose?

12 Photography Contests to Enter Right Now

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Before You Begin…

We wish we didn’t have to say this, but be sure to read the fine print about copyrights before entering any contest.

Some contests assume that entering your photo means transferring your copyright to the sponsoring company, and that’s just messed up. Granting a license may be okay as long as you get proper credit and don’t mind not getting paid for your work, but never ever give up your copyright.

We checked these contests out before recommending them, but always read the terms for yourself, OK?

Oh yeah, and be sure that you’re eligible to win before entering. You don’t want to spend time submitting photos only to find that the contest is limited to female lumberjacks over 65 residing in Canton, Ohio.

Short Fuse: Enter Now!

These contests end within a month, so get your entries in quick-like!

PDN logoPDN Student Photo Contest
Deadline: 12/07/2008
Prizes: Nikon cameras, exhibition, publication in a magazine
What They Want: Photos by students on any of five themes (Fashion, Documentary, Still Life, Travel and Fine Art)

C4FAP logoCenter for Fine Art Photography: Perspective
Deadline: 12/09/2008
Prizes: up to $300 cash, online exhibition
What They Want: Artistic photos on the theme of “perspective”

National Geographic logoNational Geographic: Visions of Paradise
Deadline: 12/21/2008
Prizes: “Visions of Paradise” book with your photo on the cover
What They Want: Landscape photographs, “your vision of heaven on earth”

Contests for Everybody

Non-specific themes mean practically everybody has a photo to enter in these contests.

MILK logoM.I.L.K.
Deadline: 12/31/2008
Prizes: up to $50,000 cash, publication in a book
What They Want: Images of friends, families, lovers and laughter

SWPA logoSony World Photography Awards
Deadline: 12/31/2008
Prizes: exhibition, a trip to Cannes for the awards ceremony
What They Want: Photos by amateurs and professionals in any of twenty-one categories

Communication Arts logoCommunication Arts Photography Competition
Deadline: 03/06/2009
Prizes: Publication in the Communication Arts Photography Annual
What They Want: Creative photos produced between March 2008 and March 2009

Specific Themes

If your photos fall into specific genres, one of these may be for you.

C4FAP logoCenter for Fine Art Photography: The Human Canvas
Deadline: 01/13/2009
Prizes: up to $300 cash, online exhibition
What They Want: Artistic photos of the human body

underwater logoUnderwater Photography Contest
Deadline: 01/15/2009
Prizes: underwater photo equipment, international diving trips
What They Want: Underwater photographs of any subject

IGPOTY logoInternational Garden Photographer of the Year
Deadline: 01/31/2009
Prizes: up to £5000 cash, photo equipment
What They Want: Images of plants and gardens from amateurs or professionals

Monthly Competitions

Sometimes you just need instant gratification (or a chance to try, try again).

JPG logoJPG Magazine
Deadline: monthly
Prizes: $100 cash, free subscription, publication in a magazine
What They Want: Photos that fit any number of ever-changing themes

Million Places logoMillion Places On Earth
Deadline: monthly
Prizes: publication in the world’s largest book
What They Want: Travel photos of recognizable places all over the world, taken by amateurs only

photoburst logoPhotoburst
Deadlines: daily, weekly, monthly
Prizes: $100 gift card to B&H Photo
What They Want: Travel photos from around the world

The Resource You Can’t Live Without

Wanna know where the find the latest contests? Got a hankering to win big, but don’t know where to turn? Oh ho, are you in luck, buddy.

Photocompete lists all the photography contests running at any given moment. Plus they break down the deadlines, entry fees, and copyright info into manageable chunks. They even rate the contests!

It is internet gold for the competitive soul.