10 Totally New Ways to Play with Instagram

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Instagram is your life.

It’s what you think about when you get up in the morning (Instagram delish breakfast), while you’re at work (Instagram new plastic dino), and when you’re out with friends (Instagram buddy’s craaazy new tat).

You’re not alone.

Instagram fans all over the world are right there with you, Instagramming their day to day every step of the way.

All kinds of new Instagram adaptations have popped up from web viewers to prints, stickers, iPad apps, magic photobooths, and even sites that exclusively stream photos of Instagrammed cats (favorite!!).

We’ve rounded up the 10 most useful, fun, and sometimes totally weird yet AMAZING new ways to use Instagram. BTW Download Instagram here!

10 New Ways to Use Instagram

Photo: Hatchcraft’s Boo Box frame

1. View and manage your stream online

beforeViewing and navigating on your iPhone can be a little strenuous on the eyes and fingers.

So, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could see and even use Instagram on your computer?

Well, you can! These sites will give you super Instagramming abilities:

Inkstagram is a web app that lets you use Instagram on your computer. Login, and you’ll be able to view the stream of Instagrammers you follow as well as your own stream in a neat grid. You can also follow new users and “like,” comment, and see deets on photos.

Instagreat similarly lets you view your streams as well as “like” photos. A side-scrolling viewer displays one photo from your stream at a time.

Instagrid turns your Instagram stream into a web gallery that you can send out to friends. View your photos in a grid or a list, and share the link. The guys from Social Print Studio set this one up!

2. Make Prints, Books or Stickers

beforeIt turns out you really can hold something intangible like a memory in your hand. These gadgets/sites will help you do just that.

Instaprint is a magic device that might replace photobooths at parties. It uses hashtags to detect Instagram photos related to your event and prints them out right after they’re taken, kind of like a Polaroid camera!

Postagram lets you send a postcard of your favorite Instagram photos to family and friends. You can send a Postagram straight from your phone with a custom message. The recipient can even pop the photo out of the postcard for a square-shaped print that they can hang.

Stickygram turns your Instagram photos of choice into a grid of magnets. You get to see your fave snaps every time you go for a chug of milk!

Artflakes is a site that will make 4″x4″ stickers of your Instagram photos. You can turn these into photo wall murals or stick them into a frame, a binder…or anywhere!

Instagoodies also makes stickers, but these guys come in adorable 1″ squares. Stick them on postcards to friends, your iPhone, or anything else that could use some Instagram love. Also, you might appreciate that moo.com prints these up.

3. View it on your iPad

beforeYour iPad is basically your iPhone, enlarged.

Now, you can view your Instagram enlarged, too, and it’s gorgeous.

Instagallery is Instagram eye candy in the form of an iPad app. Not only can you view your streams and popular photos, but you can organize photos into sets and make slideshows. Plus, you can “like,” comment, and all that jazz.

Flipboard is an iPad app that creates a “personal magazine” of info related to you and your friends. It pulls articles, photos, and updated streams from your favorite social networks for you to view all in one spot — and it now supports Instagram streams! We heard it’s lookin’ good.

4. Find Instagram photos by geography

beforeInstabam is a web app that shows you Instagram photos taken near you.

This is awesome because there’s a good chance you’ll find photos of places and people you know.

It works best when used on mobile phones (since it detects your location).

Cartagr.am shows you popular photos on an interactive map of the world! It’s pretty much what the world looks like in photo form. Isn’t it beautiful?

5. decorate your life with instagram photos


Frame your Instagram prints with Hatchcraft. They’ll not only print your Instagram photos, but they’ll frame them in handcrafted bamboo shadow boxes called Boo Boxes. Great for hanging on your wall or showing your phone photos off in a gallery or cafe.

Prinstagr.am turns your stream into a 20″x40″ poster. They make a colorful grid of Instagram photos of your choice – an awesome way to make an instant photo wall. This one’s also from the guys at Social Print Studio.

Instatunes brings the beauty of Instagram to your desktop. It’s a screensaver for OSX that live updates most popular photos on Instagram. Preview it at the link.

Instamaker = Zazzle for Instagrammers. You can turn your Instagram pics into t-shirts, mugs, and postcards, and it’s pretty easy since everything’s drag and drop. Proof that anything looks good if you just add Instagram.

TeenyTile turns your Instagram photos into 2″x2″ tiles. You can make a fancy mini photo mural, jewelry, or add included magnetic strips to turn them into magnets. We’re pretty sure there are a million other fun things you can do with these guys, too!

6. Search by keyword

beforeSnapfinch is a handy site where you can search photos posted to social networks based on keywords or tags.

They recently added Instagram to their pool of networks, so you can find Instagrams based on topic.

Another neat feature is a widget that you can add to your site to show off your Instagram snaps in real-time.

7. View photos of instagrammed cats or dogs

beforeInstaKitty and Nekostagram are sites for cat-loving Instagram fans.

View a stream entirely dedicated to Instagram photos of cats. We promise you won’t regret it.

Hate cats, love dogs? Then InstaPuppy and Inustagram are the sites for you. These streams are exclusively of Instagrammed dogs. (Insanely) A-DORBS.

8. Browse Instagram Users’ Flickr accounts

beforeGramjunction links Instagram photos to Flickr accounts.

Browse through a collection of Instagram photos, and click on any of them to be taken to their Flickr account.

There, you can view more photos by that Instagrammer, and hey, you might even catch some of their non-camera-phone photos!

9. Be the Judge

beforeBecause being the judge of things is pretty fun, here are a two sites that let you rate between two Instagram photos.

We actually found some new favorite Instagrammers through these sites!

Pic a Fight is clean and simple: pick your favorite photo or skip to the next two.

Instawar also features dueling Instagram photos. It adds one fun feature in which you can click a button to “make a pair.”

If you see two photos that go particularly well together, you can turn them into a diptych by doing so.

10. Meet other instagrammers in REAL LIFE

beforeDid you know on the other side of those pretty square photos are real life people?

You can meet them all via InstaMeet, monthly Meetups set up in over 300 cities around the world. Meet your favorite Instagrammers or meet new ones and nerd-out over phoneography.

We met some rad Instagrammers at Worldwide InstaMeet last week!

Holey Moley, Even More

  • Did you know you can now tilt-shift on Instagram? They announced the new filter during SXSW.
  • Develop your own apps and sites with these two helpers: Instaphp and Instagram’s Real-Time API Demo
  • Browse Instagram photos by color! Instasha.de displays Instagram photos as a gorgeous rainbow of colors.
  • Browse photos by popularity. Rrrewind lets you view what Instagram photos were popular on any day in history. Heroku shows you photos simply by current popularity.
  • Show off your Instagram food photography on Foodspotting. It now supports Instagram!

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