10 Reasons to Use a Shutter Remote

The Shutter Remote is pretty much the magic wand of the photography world.

Being able to snap a photo without touching your camera or EVEN BEING NEAR IT is downright magical.

Consider us your owl. We’re here to deliver ten reasons you should be using a shutter remote of your own.


1. Snap self-portraits without an extended arm taking up half the shot*.

2. Get yourself into that group photo.

3. Start and stop a video – starring you! – without that awkward reach for the camera at the end.

4. Surreptitiously snap a photo FROM THE OTHER ROOM. Promise you won’t be creepy about it, tho.

5. Start and stop a long exposure without camera-shake. Use an app like “Slow Shutter” to take these on your phone.

6. Use one at the photo booth at your next party, so folks can snap their own shots and you don’t have to man the cam.

7. Snap a pic when you’re holding your phone at such a crazy angle that there’s no way your finger can find that shutter to tap.

8. Combine it with your 12x Telephoto iPhone Lens (available in our shop!) for blur-free super-close-ups.

9. Photo your camera shy kids (or pet who is afraid of phones for some reason) on the sly.

10. Get crisper photos in low-light by keeping your tripodded camera perfectly still.



*We know Meg’s arm is extended in that photo up top, we just really wanted you to get a glimpse of our cute li’l red remote.