Basic iPhoneography Tips and Tricks

You know how once you’ve gotten to know something pretty well, it can be awkward to ask the basics.

“I know we’ve sat at the same lunch table for the last six months, but what’s your name?”

Well, we feel that way about photography sometimes too.

So, here are our five favorite basic iPhone camera tricks.

… and the name’s Photojojo. Nice to finally meet you too.


Around the World with Papercraftographer Rich McCor

Instagram crush alert! @Paperboyo combines stunningly precise papercraft cut-outs with monuments and landmarks from all over the globe for amazing photographs that never cease to make us marvel (and occasionally chuckle too).

Thankfully, we don’t have to stare at our phones hoping for a new post. Rich McCor (the clever snapper behind @paperboyo) recently released a book of his fantastic photos and behind the scenes peeks at his process.

We still couldn’t get enough Rich in our lives, so we talked to him about his inspiration, his favorite gear and much more. Turns out the dude is just as delightful as his photos!


Our Instagram Crush List

You know the feeling. You follow an Instagrammer so talented, you don’t just double-tap like them, you like like them. We asked you to let us know your Instagram crushes, and threw in a few of our own. Get ready to fall in love.

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Ten Times a Backup Power Bank Will Really Save the Day

1. When you’re sight seeking and snapping pics all day long. 2. When your bed is just a bit too far from that wall outlet. 3. When you forgot your bluetooth speaker, so your put your phone in an empty bowl to play tunes. (It really works!) 4. When you’re on a long road trip […]

31 Day Giveaway Spooktacular

1 – The Ulitmate Reflector Kit 2 – Instax Mini 90 Instant Camera 3 – Photojojo Everything Everyday Kit 4 – FOUR Lens Pillows (Slumber party anyone?!) 5 – Oh! Wow. Ringlight for Canon 6 – Plaid Camera Satchel 7 – FIVE Sets of Iris Lenses 8 – Tonso DSLR accessories, including Snack Cap and […]

Meet Photojojo Everyday:Six Must-Haves for Phoneographers

After years of growing our obsession with phoneography, months and months of designing and testing, and excruciating weeks of keeping this secret … we proudly present our new collection of phoneography must-haves.


We thunk up all the things us photographers need to get the most out of our most frequently used cameras … aka our phones! Then we searched out the very best of the very best gizmo makers to put together this collection.