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Your hard working camera deserves a lunch break



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    After a long day of zooming around and constantly shifting focus from one thing to another your camera lens is beat! Give it a boost with nutritious Snack Caps!

    Adding a burger or donut clad cap will not only fill your lens with calories but also the confidence that they look their very best.

    The Burger Snack Cap gives your lens 22 grams of protein and all the protection it needs against scratches and bumps.

    As part of a complete breakfast, the Donut Snack Cap serves your lens 17 essential vitamins and minerals so it can hold on to its cap nice and snug.

    Snack Caps are both tastey and useful! Put a different snack on your two favorite lenses and you'll never mix them up again. Does this photo need sweet or salty?

    Your camera sure looks hungry! Do it a solid and toss it a Snack Cap.

    • Protect your lenses from scratches and hunger pains
    • Donut Caps are *not* jelly filled. Thank goodness
    • They snap on nice and snug (super snug if you overfeed your lens)
    • Snack Caps are Gluten Free!
    • French fries not included
    • Available in 72mm and 77mm
    • 72mm Caps come with a lens leash

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