The Polaroid Cube & Cube+

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The Polaroid Cube
6mp; 1080p video
- Blue


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The Polaroid Cube+
10mp; 1440p video; Wifi
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Tripod Mount for Polaroid Cube


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MicroSD Card


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  • description

    Your positive attitude and sparkling personality deserve a life-logging camera that's cute and fun like you, not bulky and boring.

    The Cube, from the fine folks at Polaroid, is the newest and brightest way to shoot videos and snap pics no matter where your adventures take you.

    Stick the tiny (less than 2 inches!) Cube in your pocket, and use the built-in magnet to mount it quickly to any metal surface. Record high quality video in up to 1440p HD.

    Plus there’s the new Polaroid Cube+! An action cam, just like the original, but with mobile syncing added. Edit and upload your vids on the go from your Android or iOS device.

    Capture the moment in wide-angle as you cover your morning pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles or bring it to the park to make super-actiony videos of puppies, frisbee enthusiasts and those who are both.

    Add a mount to record while you zip around town on your bike or during a water balloon fight in your backyard. The shock-proof and splash-proof Cube will be the life of the party.

    If you're rocking a Cube+ you can use your phone as a remote or viewfinder by pressing the wifi button to pair up with the app. Once everything’s a wrap, edit and upload your vid STAT. You’ve got an audience waiting.

    Finally, an action cam with a bright rainbow of happiness and eye for excitement to match your own.

    • Snap pics and video on the go with the littlest action cam
    • Durable, rubber, shock-proof, splash- resistant
    • Embedded magnet mounts to any metal surface
    • 124° wide angle lens for more dynamic action shots
    • Built in battery charges via USB
    • Fits in the palm of your hand: less than 1.5" cubed
    The Cube
    • 6 MP still photos
    • Records high quality 1080p HD video
    The Cube+
    • Clear 10MP camera
    • Crisp HD 1440p vids
    • Grab smooth frames with image stabilization
    • Compatible with iPhones and Androids, tablets, iPads/Pods too
    • 8GB Micro SD card included
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  • FAQ

    Tell me more about these mounts. Plz?

    We have one mount available:

    • The Tripod Mount - The universal metal insert fits all standard tripods.
    • It looks pretty tiny, but will it fit in my pocket?

      It might depend on your pocket size, but it's just 35mm tall! That's less than 1.5 inches cubed.

      How does it store my photos?

      On a micro SD card that's up to 32GB. The Cube+ comes with an 8GB card, but the Cube (regular type) does not. Be sure you have one (or snag one with your order) so you can start shooting together the moment your Cube arrives.

      What, exactly, does splash-proof mean?

      Basically, just don’t fully submerge it in any liquid-ish substances. Like fondue. The Cube+ will handle a little rain, friendly drive-by puddle splashing, mud splatter and party fouls. If you wanna take it kayaking or snorkeling, you’re gonna need to suit it up with a waterproof kit (currently unavailable).

      How do I charge this thing?

      With the included USB cable. It's easier than making pie (pie is hard).

      If I want my photos and videos on my computer and not my phone, can I accomplish that?

      Yup yup! Just use that USB cord we were just talking about and you're good to transfer files to your computer.

      Do I need to be in WiFi to use the Cube+?

      Nah, the Cube+ creates its own WiFi network to sync up to your device, like a secret passage between just those two lovebirds. You can totally be in the middle of Narnia and still connect to Cube+. Although you may have a bit of a problem finding signal there to upload your vid to the masses. Please figure that one out soon, we’re dying to see some talking badgers.

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