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Photojojo Shutter Remote


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    Try as you might, “alohamora” just isn’t working on your phone’s camera shutter. It’s almost as if you’re a muggle or something. Weird.

    Maybe if you had a better wand ... try a Photojojo Shutter Remote! Now you can take pictures from 30 feet away from you phone or tablet without any incantations. The Shutter Remote is small enough to carry with you anywhere on your keychain, in your pocket or inside a bag of holding.

    Quickly pair it to any device, Apple or Android, via Bluetooth. Then get in front of that camera, smile, point the remote and click! You’ve now snagged that perfect angle without an awkward reach.

    Use the Shutter Remote for group selfies in front of the Grand Canyon where the view is way better when the camera is more than an arm’s length away. Set up a photo booth where people can snap their own photos, so you can get in on more of the party. Start and stop a video without any camera shake.

    Did someone say “accio totally awesome selfies”?

    Works Great With...
    • Shoot photos/video from 30 feet away
    • Works directly with your phone's camera
    • Compact for easy peasy carrying
    • Perfect for selfies and group photos
    • Take shake-free photos in low light

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