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Photojojo! The Book

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Book & Magnetic Photo Rope


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    We've written one life changing, mind altering, awesome piece of literature. An instant American Classic, if you will.

    The Grapes of Wrath? The Catcher in the Rye? The Scarlett Letter? Computer Science Illuminated? Photojojo! The Book!

    Okay so it isn't quite up to par with Computer Science Illuminated. And while we're no Salinger or Steinbeck, we are quite good with crafty digital photography.

    So what Photojojo! lacks in plot, allegory, and symbolism it makes up for in good old fashioned DIY awesomeness.

    It's a yellow-hued hunk of papery good, jam-packed with the finest of DIY photo tips, tricks, advice, projects and ideas. All for inspiring you to do something spectacular with your photos.

    Get out of a photo rut, construct a photo mural, make a photo chandelier, create (temporary) photo tattoos, attach a camera to your dog, break the ice at parties with your camera, make a tripod from a bottlecap, craft your own snow globes and photo ornaments, sew a photo messenger bag, wallet, and laptop sleeve ...and much, much more! phew.

    And now, all of your jackets have built in cameras. Your Grandma's glasses look a lot like photo frames, and your water bottle is a tripod. Sheesh, even your dog is taking up photography!

    THIS is the world on Photojojo! The Book. And it's a lovely place indeed.

    • 50 photo projects, DIY ideas and camera hacks
    • 192 color pages of step by step tutorials
    • Inspiring ways to display your photographs
    • Tips and tricks to get creative and take better pictures
    • Gratuitous photos of Molly the dog (world's cutest dog)
    • So you've got your book ... but now what? Take a picture and load it to our Photojojo Book Flickr Group!

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