Good Hangups

Hang your photos! Rehang 'em.
Move them around. Hang 'em again.


Good Hangups
8 Pack

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Good Hangups
8 Pack

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Good Hangups
8 Pack

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  • Description

    Your landlord is pretty chill, but put a hole in her precious walls and you just might see her hulk side. Eep.

    Never fear, Good Hangups are here! Here to help you hang photos all over your walls without so much as a poke.

    Simply slap a removable, reusable MagnaSticker on your wall, place your art over it and hold it in place with a powerful magnet. Your walls, the art you’re hanging and your security deposit will be safe and sound.

    Now you can stick your photos up anywhere. Hang art on that brick wall you've never figured out how to get a nail into. Cover your stainless steel fridge, that has previously been no friend to magnets, with family photos.

    Then, invite your landlord over for coffee. She's sure to love your new gallery wall.

    • Hang your photos with no damage to them or your walls
    • Each set contains 8 MagnaStickers and 8 super strong magnets
    • Display your art in seconds, and switch things up just as quickly
    • MagnaStickers are removeable and reusable
    • Hang photos on surfaces that nails just can't touch
  • FAQ

    How big of a print can these puppies hold?

    They'll hold up a print that's up to 24 x 36 inches. That's pretty dang big.

    Where can I get on of those pretty neon prints that are up in the product photos?

    We're so glad you asked! Those are Risographs from our print service Parabo Press. Yeah, you can turn any of your photos into a bright monocrome print made with soy-based ink.

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