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Instax Wide 300 Instant Camera

Big prints and bigger style


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  • description

    You've been working on your magic routine for years, but you still need a good finishing act and that rabbit is too stubborn to come out of your hat.

    Snap a pic with the Instax Wide 300 next time. Your audience will "ooh" and "ahhh" as a crisp, shiny photo rises out of your camera before their eyes.

    The Instax Wide 300 is flashy, fun and full of tricks with plenty of control to create beautiful, instant photos to share with nearby friends or fans. Simply load the Instax Wide film, get your perfect shot and watch it pop out of your camera and develop right before your very eyes!

    It's lighter and more stylish than previous versions making it perfect for travel and adventures. Plus, it mounts to a tripod, so it makes the perfect party trick with an instantly sharable selfie station.

    With so much flash, class and instant share-ability, you'll be a master magician in no time, turning strangers into instant friends.

    • Snap high quality instant prints with a retro style camera
    • Go analogue with fun film that prints before your eyes
    • Instant Fuji Wide Format film is easy to find and buy!
    • Flash auto adjusts to the setting and focus point
    • Built-in tripod mount
    • Crisp, vibrant prints are 3.4 x 4.25 inches
  • FAQ

    What makes this different from other Instax Cams?

    The 300 has a new design to make it a little bit lighter than previous versions. Plus, this guy's got a tripod mount for unique situations and in spaces with low-lighting.

    Looks kinda big...

    Bigger is better, in this case, because you'll get clear and wide photo prints! Plus, it's specially designed to be easy and comfortable to hold.

    Is the film hard to find?

    Nope! You can reorder the Fujifilm Instant Color Film "instax WIDE" from Photojojo or many other real life and internet-only shops.

  • Specs
    • Takes instant Fuji wide format film - twice as wide as Instax mini!
    • Film Size 3.4in x 4.25in
    • Picture Size 2.44in x 3.9in
    • Real image viewfinder with target spot
    • Close-up lens for shots up to 15 inches from the subject
    • Space to attach your own strap
    • Powered by four AA batteries
    • Rear mounted LCD with easy user interface
    • Focal zoom dial - 90cm to 3m, 3m to infinity
    • Flash and brightness control buttons
    • Built-in, automatic electronic flash
    • Dimensions: 6.6in x 3.7in x 4.75in
    • Weight: 1.35 pounds (without battery, strap, film pack, and close of lens)
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    Mini 8

    Mini 90


    Credit card-sized prints Credit card-sized prints 4.25" x 3.25" wide prints
    1 Shooting Mode
    (fixed 1/60 sec. shutter speed)
    6 Shooting Modes
    (action, macro, landscape, party, bulb (long exposure), double exposure)
    2 Shooting Modes
    (close range and landscape)
    Flash always fires Smart flash adjusts to surroundings
    (auto, forced and no-flash modes)
    Auto-flash fires when needed + fill-in flash mode
    4 Exposure Settings
    (Hi key, sunny, cloudy, dark)
    4 Exposure Settings
    (Light+, light, normal, dark)
    3 Exposure Settings
    (Light, normal, dark)
    No Macro Built-in Macro Capability Close-Up Lens Included
    No Self Timer Self Time No Self Timer
    2 x AA batteries included Rechargeable battery and charger included 4 x AA batteries included
    .68 lbs. .65 lbs. 1.35 lbs.




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