Fly-X3 Plus: The Handy Motorized Phone Stabilizer

This handheld gimbal tells wobbly videos to get lost


Fly-X3 Plus - Handy Motorized Stabilizer


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    Your hand is trying to hold the phone tight for an sudden video-op, but it looks so shaky! Don't you wish you could yell, "go, go gadget gimbal!" as your hand extended into a sturdy mechanical video rig instead?

    The Fly-X3 Plus may not be a part of your robot body, but it is a handheld device designed to give you the smoothest videos around without all the bulky (and expensive too) equipment the pros use.

    Secure your phone in the Fly-X3 Plus cradle and the stabilizing motor will automatically tilt the phone to find a level shot. As you move, the gyroscope automatically turns your camera to keep the phone level, giving you the smoothest video possible.

    Capture action shots easily while you run, jump or bike without any shaky video. The Fly-X3 Plus acts as an extra stable arm extension when you need to wriggle around tight spaces like a concert, the passenger seat of a car, or a tiny kitchen.

    With this kind of pro equipment, you'll have even Inspector Gadget exclaiming "wowzers!" and, possibly, asking you to join his team.

    Works Great With...
    • The easiest way to get profesh videos on your phone or GoPro
    • Simple and fast to set up and get shooting
    • No more shaky footage!
    • 3 axiseseses! TECHNOLOGY
    • Run, jump and maintain a fluid motion
    • Keep your phone extra secure with a sturdy handle to hold
  • FAQ

    What exactly is a gimbal?

    It's a piece of magical machinery that allows something to rotate on an axis. This one, in particular can rotate on 3 axis' so it can smoothly spin around on pitch (forward and back), yaw (left to right) and roll (side to side tilt).

    How does the gimbal help?

    Your phone will be able to move freely once it's in the hands of the Fly-X3 Plus and the automatic adjuster will calibrate to find a level image. As you move, the phone will move right along with you while still maintaining the smooth and level shot.

    Does it fit all phones?

    The clamp fits phones between 2.25" and 3" wide, so pretty much all phones... including the iPhone 6/6s, and iPhone 6/6s Plus.

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