Camera Strap Buddy

Converts the way you wear your camera strap into a comfy sling style.


Camera Strap Buddy

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    You spot it in the distance. YES. That's it! The most breathtakingly beautiful scene that has yet to be photographed. Surely this is the one that'll make Flickr's Explored!

    You run through the fields to snap the shot, but what is this? Your weighty camera is socking you in the gut and pulling on your neck with every leap. Why must it scorn you so? *Sniff*

    It doesn't! Your camera still loves you, and the Camera Strap Buddy is going to prove it. It's all in the position of the strap!

    This slick lil' Buddy attaches one end of your camera strap to the bottom of your camera, transforming the way you wear your camera into a most comfy sling style. Simply tie one end of your camera strap to the Buddy and screw it into the tripod hole on the bottom of your camera with the provided screw.

    You may now non-awkwardly walk across the room without your camera using your stomach as a bounce-house. Even better, you no longer have to worry about knocking your lens against walls, furniture edges, small children, anything. Wearing your strap as a sling, also makes your camera super easy to access!

    Bam! A simple and quick fix to all of your heavy-camera-carrying, neck-aching, stomach-socking, lens-knocking problems.

    • Comfiest way to wear a camera!
    • Keeps your lens safe by pointing it downwards
    • Distributes weight over your shoulder instead of your neck
    • Gives you easy access for quick shooting
    • Camera rests at your hip for discreet camera-carrying
    • Usable with most camera straps - slit is 3/8" wide (almost 1/2")
    • Metal plate is 1" wide, 1 1/2"long
  • FAQ

    Q: Will the Camera Strap Buddy work with my camera strap and my _______ camera?

    A: The Camera Strap Buddy will fit into any camera that has a tripod hole on the bottom. The metal piece that attaches to the bottom of your camera has a slit that a standard size camera strap will fit through. The slit is 3/8" wide (just a little less than 1/2"). We fit our DSLR camera strap through it fine - the strap we used is standard at about 1/4” wide.

    Q: Sooo, how exactly do you put this thing on?

    A: Simply slip your camera strap into the slit on the metal plate, and tie it securely (the same way you tied it onto your camera after taking it out of the box). Then, attach the metal plate onto the bottom of your camera by screwing the included screw into your camera's tripod hole. Ta-da! Instant camera-carrying comfort.

    Q: Will I be able to put my camera on a tripod while the Camera Strap Buddy is on?

    A: You'll need to take the Buddy off before you throw your camera onto a tripod. This is no problemo as all it takes is a simple unscrew!

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