Photojojo’s PhotoTimeCapsule
You take too many photos.

Remember when you used to stretch out a roll of film so it'd last forever? When every photo was precious, and most people only busted out the camera on birthdays and maybe the occasional Bat Mitzvah?

Well those days are over.

Now everyone and their aunt Sally's got a digital camera, and you don't take a few photos at a time, you take a few dozen. You may even take a photo every day. But every photo's still precious. And it's kind of sad that when you take so many photos, you tend to forget that.

That's why we made the Photo Time Capsule.

Photo Time Capsule won’t let your best photos be forgotten.

Every couple weeks, the Time Capsule looks at your Flickr account for photos you took a year ago. It picks the ones that are most interesting — the ones that got viewed the most, favorited the most, and commented on the most — and sends them to you in email.

That's it!

You'll be amazed by how wonderful it is to get a photo blast from the past.

Give it a try. It's super quick to get started. :)

(Pssst... There are a few more fun surprises, but you'll have to sign up to find out more.)

Try it!

It’s Fun.
It’s Free.
You’ll <3 it.

Or, in the words of Don Draper

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Why we made Time Capsule

This is a production. We make super awesome photo things.