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Worldwide Shipping

We want to get your Photojojo goodies to you as quickly and inexpensively as possible, and we've got several shipping options for you.

  Time Cost Tracking
Canada Flat-rate 1-3 Weeks $10 Flat-rate
USPS First Class 2-4 Weeks $12 and up
USPS Priority International 7-14 Days $28 and up Yes
USPS Express International 5-6 Days $35 and up Yes
UPS Worldwide Expedited 2-5 Days $62 and up Yes
UPS Worldwide Express 1-3 Days $65 and up Yes
Go to your shopping cart and select your country and postal code to get an instant shipping price.

(Looking for domestic shipping info?)

Do you ship to my country?

Yup! Most likely.

We've shipped our photo goodies to hundreds of thousands of people in nearly every country on Earth. Just find your country in the drop down in your shopping cart to see if we ship to you.

How much does shipping cost?

Go to your shopping cart, choose your country, and enter your postal code to get an instant shipping price. No login or registration required.

Shipping starts at $12 to most of Europe by USPS First Class or $10 Flat-rate to Canada.

How long will it take?

Anything in stock will ship in less than 24 hours. (As long as the next day is a weekday.)

How long it takes from there depends on what kind of shipping you choose, what country you're shipping to, and how long customs in your country takes. Our fastest international shipping option can arrive in just a couple days, and our most economical can take a few weeks.

What about customs?

We're best buds with the fuzz and total pros at filling out customs forms. As a result, we find that 99% of orders arrive in your hands quite quickly! However, in rare cases your country's customs office may hold up a delivery for random inspection. Some countries may charge you an import duty on your purchases.

How can I track my order?

Behold! The Interweb! We'll send you an email with tracking info as soon as your goodies embark on their journey.

UPS has the best tracking capabilities, USPS Priority Mail tracking is limited, and USPS First Class offers no tracking. If frequent tracking updates are important to you, you should select a shipping option by UPS.

Where do you ship from?

We ship everything from exotic South Dakota, aka "The Land of Mt. Rushmore and Photojojo Packaging, USA".

Since South Dakota is well-connected to an international shipping hub, this allows us to get packages off US shores quickly and on their way to you!


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