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Petzval Art Lens

$29 per Day

$99 per Week

Rent It Pre-Order for $599
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We Include

  • Petzval for Nikon F Mount
  • Adapter for Canon EF Mount
  • 4 Aperture Plates
  • Petzval Book
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Leather Pouch
  • Brass Lens Cap

EXCLUSIVE: The Petzval Art Lens won't be shipping for until July, but you can rent it from Photojojo TODAY!

Some dreams are scary - math test TODAY? Why is my kindergarten teacher’s head on that horse’s body? Some are good - Prince(ss) Charming!

The Petzval Lens, Lomography’s brand new version of the 1840 original, is here to add the good kind of dreamy to your photos with bright saturated color and swirly whirly backgrounds.

Like its predecessor, this lens is carved from high quality glass and has an adjustable aperture that gives a super shallow depth of field and a distinctive bokeh effect. Unlike Petzvals of yore, this one attaches to any Nikon F Mount camera. We include a Canon EF adapter to use on Canon cameras.

Take tack sharp portraits with blurtastic backgrounds. Shoot video through this wonder lens for dreamy scenes in an artful haze.

It even works with iPhones. Just grab one of our iPhone SLR Mounts to complete your phone's transformation.

This portrait was snapped with an iPhone 5.

Quick! Pinch yourself. Just making sure you didn’t dream up this lens’s existence. Did you feel that? Still here? Phew, it wasn’t all a dream!


  • Don’t they make a version for Canon Lenses?
  • They do! A Canon EF version is coming soon. For now you'll get a handy dandy adapter to use with your Canon.
  • What are the tech specs on this puppy? Be Specific.
  • Alrighty, looks like we’ve got …
    • Focal Length: 85mm
    • Maximum Aperture: f/2.2
    • Apertures: Waterhouse aperture set, up to F/16
    • Image Circle: 44mm
    • Field of View: 30 degrees
    • Lens Mounting Profile: Nikon F
    • Closest Focusing Distance: 1m
    • Filter Thread: 58mm

$29 per Day

$99 per Week

Rent It Pre-Order for $599
Still have questions? Read our FAQ.