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Impossible Instant Lab

$10 per Day

$29 per Week - OR - $99 per Month

Rent It Buy it for $199
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Film Available At Pickup

  • Impossible B&W - $23 (8 shots)
  • Impossible Color - $23 (8 shots)

When The Impossible Project bought Polaroid's instant film factory and and brought it back to life, they preserved a part of the photo past for all of us. Now, that the photo past is safe and sound, they've forged right ahead into the photo future with the Impossible Instant Photo Lab.

It turns iPhone pics into Polaroids - from a digital image on your screen to a real, physical photograph.

Pull up any photo you've taken on your phone. Pop your phone onto the Instant Lab, and print that pic right onto Impossible Project film (it's just like an old timey Polaroid).

The results are Polaroidian, but the Instant Lab gives you advantages that shooting straight through a Polaroid camera won't. You can edit your photo to your liking. Print only the photos you really want. Even make multiple copies of the same shot.

Since you're shooting with your phone, if cousin Carl blinks (again!) you get a do-over without wasting a print.

The photo future is now! So, make the Impossible Instant Photo Lab part of your photo present. Or, a photo present. The prints make great gifts!


  • What's Impossible Project Film?
  • The Impossible Project is a great group of folks who bought the old Polaroid factory when Polaroid stopped making instant film in 2008. They've been perfecting their film for use in Polaroid cameras (and now, the Instant Lab!) ever since.
  • How is this different than other printers?
  • The main difference is that it's more of a camera than a printer. It's not just translating your digital image into squirts of ink on paper. The Instant Lab, with its high-quality coated glass lens takes a photo of your image. It exposes the traditional photographic chemistry inside the Impossible film to create a truly analog print.
  • What about my Android Phone?!
  • Word on the street (well, actually in our email inbox), is that Impossible Project is working on an adapter for Android phones to fit on the Instant Lab. But, it's not ready quite yet. So stay tuned, and when it is, we'll be sure to grab some for the Photojojo Shop.

$10 per Day

$29 per Week - OR - $99 per Month

Rent It Buy it for $199
Still have questions? Read our FAQ.