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Google Glass

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At the risk of quoting an icky pop star … You know you want it.

You might lack the geek cred to pull off Google Glass (a wearable face computer with built-in camera) 24/7, but you’re dying to know what it’d be like, if only for just one day.

Turns out this is your lucky day. You can borrow our Glass.

Record your cousin’s wedding without getting arm ache from holding up your phone.

Or, level up your geek cred for that work conference you’ll be at this weekend. Use it to photo all those contacts you make and catalogue them when you get home.

When your camera is riding just above your eyebrow, you can snap pix on a photo adventure, post them to the web, then get directions home all without lifting a finger.

No blurred lines here. You really do want to try Google Glass and you know it.


  • How quality is this camera it’s got going here?
  • It clocks in at 5 MP for photos and 720p for video.
  • How long will one battery charge last?
  • Normally, they’ll last through a whole day. If you’re shooting a lot of video, you’ll need to stop for a recharge.
  • How much storage can one face carry?
  • Glass has 12GB of usable storage. That’s over 6000 photos or about 6 hours of video.

Google Glass Help Center

$40 per Day


Rent It Buy it for $1500
Still have questions? Read our FAQ.