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$8 per Day

$29/Week - OR - $69/Month

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We Include

  • Galileo
  • USB charging cable
  • iPhone 4s, 5/5s/5c, and iPod 5 inserts

Galileo (the old school astronomer) led a scientific revolution that changed humankind’s view of our vast universe.

Well, there’s a new, more robotic Galileo in town! to take your iPhone on a different kind of revolution, the literal spinning and twirling kind.

Galileo is your very own remotely controlled camera operator, here to help capture the vastness of your creative vision, by smoothly tilting, twirling and panning your iPhone 360°.

Perfectly captured and stitched panoramas? No problem. Sweeping time lapse videos that move not only side to side but up and down? Heck, make it a diagonal! Galileo is on it.

Galileo holds on tight to your iPhone/Pod and sits steady on a tripod or its own sturdy base. All you have to do is fire up one of the many apps optimized to control your Galileo via bluetooth.

Control the recording on a video shoot from halfway across the globe, make a timelapse video of you confetti-filled birthday bash, or show your mom an interactive spherical panorama of your new digs.

Galileo is here to bring an all new perspective to your universe.


  • Do I need to have a second iOS device (other than the phone/pod that I’m using to film) to control the Galileo?
  • Nope! Most of the apps (timelapse and spherical panorama included) work with just one phone/pod. You simply set it up, choose frame rate and the like, then hit start, wait for a quick countdown, then watch Galileo do it’s thing.

    The only app that requires a second iOS device is RecoLive. It essentially turns a second iOS device into a remote control for the first one.
  • How fast does it move/spin?
  • That’s up to you! When making time lapses and videos you choose just how fast the Galileo moves. As fast as 200° per second (that’s a full circle in less than 2 seconds) or as slow as .08° per second (that’ll take over an hour to make a full loop).

    To make a spherical panorama the Galileo takes a series of photos pointing all around the room then stitches them together. This whole process takes a couple minutes.
  • How smooth is it?
  • The Galileo is as smooth as can be. Perfectly smooth. If you’re shooting video you can pan and tilt perfectly shake free.

    Time lapses by nature look less smooth, because they are a series of stills stitched together. You can set the # of photos that get taken and their playback rate, so you have full control of the smoothness.
  • So, how long does the battery last?
  • The battery will outlast your phone for continuous filming. When it’s not in use it’ll hold its charge for several days.
  • Which Apps are compatible with Galileo?
  • These ones!
    • Motrr - Keeps you up to date on apps that work with Galileo.
    • Sphere - Records 360° interactive spherical panoramas.
    • RecoLive - Allows you to control your Galileo from a different iOS device while you record video.
    • Timelapse - Make effortless time lapses. You set the length, time and distance intervals and the pan/tilt of the camera. The app stitches it into a ready to share video (and/or gives you stills, if that’s what you’re into).
    • Airbeam - Turns any iPhone/Pod into a surveillance camera, that you control from anywhere on the planet.
    • DMD Panorama - Takes HD panoramas, by shoot full res photos and stitching them together for you.
    • Galileo Alarm - Turns your iPhone into a flashing, rotating impossible to ignore alarm clock.
    • Wrist Vision - Lets you control your Galileo from your Pebble smart watch.

$8 per Day

$29/Week - OR - $69/Month
Rent It Buy it for $149
Still have questions? Read our FAQ.