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What Bloggers and the Press say:

"Take Photos? You Need this Newsletter... It's free. It's good. Subscribe. Now."
Jim Heid, Maclife

"Want to turn all those digial photos on your hard drive into something creative? Photojojo, a blog catering to do-it-yourselfers, will point you in the right direction."
Keith Huang, The Wall Street Journal

"We're also addicted to Photojojo, a twice-a-week newsletter that offers tips, tricks and ideas for all those fabulous photos you're taking. Check it out."
Heather Champ, The Flickr Blog

"Your children and grandchildren, thumbing through whatever equivalent they've got to modern-day photo albums, will thank you for it."
Angela Gunn, USA Today

"Looking for a digital photo project that might be just a little unusual or off the wall? I'm never disappointed by Photojojo."
Dave Johnson, PC World

What folks like you say:

"Photojojo is the most useful, consistently practical, eyebrow-arching and all-around coolest website I've ever clicked on. I can't find a single reason to unsuscribe from your mailing list, after three weeks. You make me feel like an artistic genius."
Eric Lincoln

"Just wanted to write a quick email to say I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU ALL! I am a recent subscriber to the site and already a fanatic! Thanks!!"

"Photojojo is easily the best newsletter I've ever read, no exaggeration."
Florian Arendt

"Now, I'm the kinda guy who unsubscribed from every email list I was on in 1999 and never looked back. I hate email. If the site had used traditional language, I never would have signed up. But their excitement was contagious, and before I knew it, I was plunking down my address."
Derek Powazek, JPG Magazine

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More press and blogger love:

"[Photojojo] emphasizes simplicity not only in its appearance but also in the projects it recommends."
The Wall Street Journal

"It's not for people who want to argue about the differences between Canon and Nikon. Photojojo is for people who love photography... It's the best photo newsletter ever"
Bre Pettis, MAKE:

"Not too long ago, I stumbled across an awesome photo know-how site, Photojojo. I signed up for their self-proclaimed "damn fine photo newsletter" and they delivered on their promises. Photojojo writes with a very simple to comprehend and can-do attitude. I am actually learning from their newsletter and feel less intimidated by my camera. I totally heart them."

"Best bets on the net"
Rich Ray, The Florida Times-Union

"If you'd like a twice-weekly newsletter with some interesting and inspirational project ideas, you couldn't do much better than subscribe to Photojojo. Photo tips, DIY projects and more. Definitely recommended. As they say in the newsletter: 'We send Photojojo to you because we love you'. What more could you ask for?"
Simon, PhotographyJam

More from folks like you:

"The photojojo newsletter is the greatest thing to happen to my inbox recently."
Imanni Wilkes

"Killer Photography Tips!"
Chris Pirillo, Lockergnome

"you kick ass."
Dave Morin

"I LOVE YOU!!! Please keep sending! Today Josh's video FINALLY explained what I never could figure out, about adjusting part of a photo lighter or darker when the exposure was off! I can't wait to go home and try it on a "problem" photo! Keep up the tips, love them!!"
Terrie Aul

"It's true, though! I heart Photojojo!"
Tara 'miss rogue' Hunt

"I just received my photo chains and I got so excited I almost 'peed myself'. I bought extras for a few of my friends and they were equally excited. Thanks for giving us such good ideas."