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Photojojo's Phone Lenses

Pro-quality glass lenses that work on any phone. iPhone, Android, iPads, iPods, and more!

Petzval Lens

The Petzval lens is the reinvention of a vintage lens from 1840 known for its swirly bokeh effects.

Lensbaby LM-10

A magnetic tilt-shift style lens that attaches to your phone for super dramatic blur and creative control.

The Polaroid Cube

A colorful action cam that can go anywhere and film/photo anything.

The Mighty Mic

Record great sounding (not background noisy) audio right on your mobile phone cam without messing with it in post.

Loud and Clear Lapel Mic

A lapel mic that records on your phone or DSLR without picking up background sounds.

The Jump Cable

A 2-in-1 backup battery and charging cord that fits in your pocket.

Better Phoneography

Better Phoneography

Digital Time Lapse Camera

A set-it and forget-it camera for shockingly simple high quality time lapse videos at the push of a button!

Solio Sun Powered Charger

A compact solar charger that fits in the palm of your hand and unfolds to capture the power of the sun.

Dream Scope Filter Kit

A universal mount for any phone that'll attach it to a tripod and it comes with 3 rainbowy dreamy stackable swirlable filters

Phantom 2 Photography Drone

Use your very own flying drone cam to take the sweeping shots of your dreams.

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