talented friend!

We're Photojojo, a small & passionate team
that thinks photography is for everyone.

We're hiring an Industrial Designer. If you're cool, tell your bestie. →

We began in 2006 when having a
point and shoot camera was a big big thing.

We made a newsletter to send photo
inspiration to inboxes around the world.

People loved it!

So we opened a shop to put helpful photo
gadgets into the hands of photographers all over.

Then we wrote a book
with Random House. Nbd.
(✭✭✭✭✭ on Amazon!)

Meanwhile... phone cameras
were getting better and better.

So we introduced our phone lenses
and they quickly became #1 best sellers!

People wrote about us in the New York Times
and The Wall Street Journal. NBC, ABC,
CBS, The Early Show, and that morning
show with Kelly and Michael had us on.

It was neat.

Since then we've added over 100 new
phoneography tools to our shop.

Photography's changed a lot over the years...

... and we've changed, too.

But our mission remains the same: help people take more photos and have more fun using the best tools out there.

But we've found that so many of those tools don't even exist yet.

So for our next chapter, we're dreaming up, designing, and making our own!

And it starts with you.

Who are you?

You've got a strong background in product design of all sorts. From electronics to soft goods to optics.

When you don't know something you hit the books until you're an expert.

You live to make new things.

You're not afraid to take on unknown challenges.

You can't wait to make products that matter.

And you love photography. So. Much.

  You're also...

A self-starter

And industrious prototyper

Prodigious in CAD


Fast, so fast

Big into research and testing

An avid tinkerer

What you’ll be doing...

You'll create the most talked-about photography products of the next decade.

You'll build out an entirely new area of Photojojo. That means creative control over what we ideate and produce.

You'll own the entire process from the back of a napkin to the user's back pocket.

You'll be able to point (proudly) at the products you make, and say "I made that."

We'll send you to China to oversee production runs. To Tokyo to stay on top of trends in photography and design... to Germany to purvey the finest optics!

You'll initiate collaborations with people & brands you love. You'll work with our loving community of fans to make their dreams come true.

And when you're ready, you'll build a team of designers and engineers that inspire you everyday.


Send us your resume, cover letter and design portfolio!

Send it here: productdesigner@photojojo.com

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