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Quick version → Photojojo is looking for a Lead Product Photographer
with a keen sense of style and a head for planning. It's a full-time gig in San Francisco, CA.
Be our Lead Product Photographer and turn product photography into art!


Hello! We're Photojojo and we're looking for a Lead Photographer in San Francisco with a head for business and a passion for planning. Oh, and really good photography too ;)

About us

We're a (tiny) company that's all about making photography awesome in a BIG way.

We run the most fun online shop you've EVER seen, wrote a book, just started an online photo school and have over a million subscribers, fans, and followers. We've been in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Today Show, Wired, and lots more.

We're building a small, awesome team that loves working together. (Seriously, this year we took the company to Thailand!)

What you'll be doing ...

Each month we'll hand you a big batch of extraordinary photography goodies. Your job is to shoot photos and video for our store in creative, inspiring, and informative ways.

You'll be managing your own deadlines and working with our Store Manager and copywriter to market our new product releases.

You're in charge of what makes a photo 'good'. That means more than just even lighting, sharpness, and an accurate exposure. It means making product photography that's art, and paying attention to what kinds of images spread and perform well online.

About you ...

You've got a bit of experience in product photography and video and (preferably) marketing or sales. And you ...

  • Are meticulous and technically proficient (improper white balance simply outrages you, shadows haunt you in your sleep).
  • Are a proactive planner. You do things before anyone ever knows they need to be done.
  • Have style that's fun, playful, and full of wit, yet simple and clean.
  • Are a whiz at editing and know your way around Lightroom, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro.
  • Have a head for business and a love for marketing. You can sell anything with your smart and savvy style.
  • Eat projects for breakfast and meet (or beat) deadlines like your life depends on it.

How to Apply

  1. Browse our store to get a feel for our aesthetic.
  2. Find a photo-related product you love and do a mini-shoot with it in Photojojo style.

    The photos should show us what it is, what it does, and why it's rad. They should wow us.

    (We want to see both clean studio shots and lifestyle shots. This is required!)
  3. Write a cover letter answering this question:

    What should Photojojo product art look like? How do we get people learning, loving, buying, then talking about our products through photography? Think big.
  4. Click that "Apply Now" button! Do it!

Do you...

  • Believe product photography can, and should be, art?
  • Want to create images and video that spread and get people talking?
  • Have a passion for helping others be more creative?
  • Take an analytical approach to creating successful photographs?

Why this is rad

You'll be responsible for every photo and video in our store. You'll make contributions people will notice and create images and video people will love.

You'll also get to use your creative skills in a marketing context and have an impact on all areas of our company.

This is a position where you can grow and learn tons along the way