m Photojojo's Hiring! Who's the most organized person you know?

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TLDR → Photojojo's looking for an unreasonably effective Assistant
(slash Office Manager). It's a full-time gig in San Francisco, CA.
You eat to-do lists for Breakfast. We don't
even wanna know what you eat for lunch.


Look, here's the deal.

You kick ass, and you take names. You walk up to insurmountable obstacles... and you surmount those suckers. You turn red tape... into masking tape. (Then you rip right through it.)

In short, you get shit done.

We're looking for a smart, efficient, detail-infatuated jack/jill-of-all-trades to make American's most-loved photo company (that's us) run more smoothly. You're the Assistant/Office Manager dreams are made of. And we want you.

About us

We run the most fun online shop you've seen, wrote a book with Random House ( on Amazon :D), have a not-so-small army of adoring fans, and we've been in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired, on Good Morning America, ABC and NBC News, and lots more.

We're a (small) company with big dreams and big heart. We're seven years old, we're profitable, growing, and have a unique model that combines publishing and e-commerce.

We believe in hard work, and we believe work should be fun. (We even take the whole company on 2-3 week "workcations" each year! In 2011 we took the company to India, in 2012 we went to Mexico!, this year we went to Thailand!)

We're building to last and our customers love us.

What you'll be doing

As assistant, you'll help our Founder and later our Store Manager with special projects and day-to-day needs. These include but are not limited to:

  • scheduling, networking, and follow-ups
  • reservations, calendaring, and planning
  • emails, phone calls, snapchats (jk)
  • event planning, travel planning
  • research projects, hiring, project management
  • and more...

You'll interact with all areas of the company to help us work more efficiently and meet our goals.

As office manager, you'll be responsible for making sure everyone at Photojojo Intergalactic Headquarters has what they need to do their jobs well. That means being the point person for maintenance, mailing, shopping, supplies, equipment, bills, and errands.

About you

You're entrepreneurial, eager to make things happen, and want to work with smart people who respect what you do. Great ideas and strong opinions welcome!


  • A history of going above and beyond the call of duty.
  • A reputation for hard work and dedication to the team.
  • A knack for making the lives of the people around you better.

Oh yeah, and...

  • You have administrative or assistant experience.
    (E-commerce or retail experience is a plus.)
  • Making people happy runs in your veins.
    Also, being friendly, focused, and discrete when necessary. Yes, there are many things in your veins. Your veins are crowded.
  • You never let things slip through the cracks.
    In fact, you walk around with a caulk gun, just waitin' for a crack so you can fill it. Man, you hate cracks.
  • People really really like working with you.


We're located in the Mission District in San Francisco and are seeking someone local or someone who wants to be local. (We can help with moving expenses.)

We have lots of sit-stand desks, 27" displays, roof access, and fruit delivery. Our office was recently featured on Apartment Therapy! You'll get to pick out your own computer, and our office is bike-friendly, dog-friendly, and dinosaur-friendly.

How to Apply

Write us and tell us all about yourself!

We'd love to hear about:

  1. Projects you've worked on & the problems you solved on each.
  2. Why you're perfect for the job and want to work at Photojojo. Convince us.
  3. Your resume and social media links
  4. What we should have asked, but didn't.

Send it to: assistant@photojojo.com

If you sound like a good fit, we'll be in touch lickity-split!

p.s. Apply soon. We're eager to meet you! :)


Why this is rad!

  • You'll learn about all areas of our company. From marketing and customer service, to business development and new ventures, to fulfillment and operations.
  • We believe in getting stuff done, not in facetime. We support an open vacation policy.
  • We've been in business for seven years. We're not a fly-by-night startup.
  • We hire carefully. You're gonna love your coworkers.