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TLDR → Photojojo's looking for a relationship builder and photo lover
to be our Photojojo Evangelist. It's a full-time gig in San Francisco, CA.
WANTED: Professional Friend-maker
& Photojojo Evangelist


You know and we know that Photojojo is the best thing to hit photography since color. But guess what? There are people out there who've never even heard of us.


Your mission: make certain every man, woman, and child who's ever taken a photograph knows the name "Photojojo".

We're hiring a Photojojo Evangelist in San Francisco, CA.

About us

We run the most fun online shop you've seen, wrote a book with Random House ( on Amazon :D), have a not-so-small army of adoring fans, and we've been in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired, on Good Morning America, ABC and NBC News, and lots more.

We're a (small) company with big dreams and big heart. We're seven years old, we're profitable, growing, and have a unique model that combines publishing and e-commerce.

We believe in hard work, and we believe work should be fun. (We even take the whole company on 2-3 week "workcations" each year! In 2011 we took the company to India, in 2012 we went to Mexico!, this year we went to Thailand!)

We're building to last and our customers love us.

What you'll be doing

We want you to go out and work with like-minded brands, companies, and communities to help bring Photojojo to a whole new audience, one large group at a time.

We've done deals with folks like Tumblr, Threadless, BustedTees, Vimeo. But we want to increase our deal-flow many times over.

To succeed, you're gonna have to think big. Figure out where millions of our future fans, followers, and secret admirers hang out, and how to reach them.

Along the way, you'll be analyzing your efforts to determine the most effective approaches. You're an army of one, and time is precious!

About you

You're entrepreneurial, eager to make things happen, and want to work with smart people who respect what you do. Great ideas and strong opinions welcome!

You love technology almost as much as you love photography. You hang with the kids who create your favorite websites three nights a week, and you're out shooting photos the rest of the time.

You always find out about the coolest, newest, thing first. And then can't wait to tell everyone you know about it.

You make friends easily, take risks often, and you've never taken no for an answer.

You can convince anyone of anything, anytime.


We're located in the Mission District in San Francisco and are seeking someone local or someone who wants to be local. (We can help with moving expenses.)

We have lots of sit-stand desks, 27" displays, roof access, and fruit delivery. Our office was recently featured on Apartment Therapy! You'll get to pick out your own computer, and our office is bike-friendly, dog-friendly, and dinosaur-friendly.

How to Apply

  1. Tell us what makes you perfect for this job.
  2. Send us your resume, your social media links.
  3. Send us a list of companies that you think would be ideal partners for Photojojo.
  4. Select one and create a plan with (1) a proposal (what you wanna do with them) and (2) your process for selling them on it. We want to see your ability to develop a clear, detailed, and thoughtful plan.

Send it to:

If you sound like a good fit, we'll be in touch lickity-split!

p.s. Apply soon. We're eager to meet you! :)


Why this is rad!

  • You'll learn about all areas of our company. From marketing and customer service, to business development and new ventures, to fulfillment and operations.
  • We believe in getting stuff done, not in facetime. We support an open vacation policy.
  • We've been in business for seven years. We're not a fly-by-night startup.
  • We hire carefully. You're gonna love your coworkers.

Today is November 30, 2015 and this position is open.