One amazing human being

Strong in heart, generous in spirit.
Daring and unafraid.

Ready Hungry to make bold work.

Possessing a whimsical style,
keen wit, kind eyes &
 a way with CSS + HTML.

(Javascript chops wouldn’t hurt.)

Who are we?

We’re a tiny company called Photojojo, and we’re on a mission to make photography more fun for everyone.

We run the most fun online shop you've EVER seen, published a book with Random House (✭✭✭✭✭ on Amazon!), and have earned a not-so-small army of subscribers, fans, and customers.

We’ve been in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, on the CBS Early Show, and lots more. We’re six years old, we’re profitable (whoa!), and growing.

We’re building to last and our customers love us.

What about you?

You love color. And typography. And the Internet.

You love easter eggs.

You know it can always be better.

You have ideas. Good ones.

You’re organized. You get shit done.

You believe the Internet should be more fun... and that you’re the person to make it so.

You love your work.

People love working with you.

What you’ll be doing...

Helping people fall in love with photography, designing user interfaces that are fun (go here, pull the lever) and easy to figure out, coming up with ideas for making Photojojo more awesome-r, writing CSS and HTML and Javascript, playing with CSS3 animations, playing with dinosaurs, playing with kittens, eating sandwiches, and pizza, using a 27" Thunderbolt display and one of those Retina MacBook Pros (or whatever you pick), going on exotic workcations with us to places like Kerela, Delhi, and Puerto Vallarta, working in the Mission in San Francisco, hanging out on our roof, redesigning our editorial experience from the ground up, working with our super small and super fun team, crafting the identity of our new sister site, Material, and making shopping at Photojojo the most fun place to shop online or offline or in outer space, or anywhere, ever.


Tell us what makes you rad,

about projects you’ve worked on,

and why Photojojo is the place for you.

Email it here: designer-app@photojojo.com

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