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Quick Version → Photojojo's looking for a crafty photo lover
with massive amounts of energy and enthusiasm. This gig is only in San Francisco, CA.
Calling all Photo-Obsessed Internet-Lovin' Crafters for Shop Community Leader


Hello there! We're Photojojo and we are looking for a Crafter & Community Leader to show the world all the amazing things you can do with the goods in our shop. This is a contract position in San Francisco, CA with potential for becoming full-time down the road.

About us

We're a (tiny) company that's all about making photography awesome in a BIG way.

We run the most fun online shop you've EVER seen, wrote a book, have over 1.8 Million subscribers, fans, and followers, and we've been in the New York Times, Today Show, Wired, Readymade, and lots more.

We're building a small, awesome team that loves working together. (Seriously, this year we took the company to Thailand!)

What-the-hey-hey is a Crafter & Community Leader?

Life is grand. We've got a shop full-o-awesome and jillions of adoring fans. But there's something missing in Photojojoland.

That's where you come in. We're looking for someone to create, curate and spread the most amazing posts, pics, and projects about our shop this side of the Internet.

Since the beginning, our mission has been to inspire the world to take more photos and to have more fun doing it. That's why we opened our store - to give people the tools they need to create.

There's a zillion and one ways to play with the tools and toys in our shop; we want people to see them all! Your job is to make that happen.

You'll be in charge of ...

  • Creating Really, Really Cool Sh*z. You'll inspire people with new ways to use the goods in our shop. Are there 101 Different Ways to Use a Lens Mug? Rest assured, you'll find out and tell the world.
  • Curating The Best Stuff Out There. You'll reach out to the tech and photo community for jaw-dropping projects and photos using Photojojo treasures.
  • Experimenting. It's your mission to come up with the best ways to spread the Photojojo gospel. Photojojo Tupperware Party? Sure. Photojojo Space Shuttle Station with lunar phoneography walks? OK! You'll do it all!
  • Measuring and Optimizing. With all that experimenting you'll want to make sure people are listening. A big part of your job is analyzing your efforts to make them the best they can be.

About You ...

  • You love all types of Photography. From the iPhone in your pocket to the Holga in your hand to the Canon 5D round your neck. You heart anything that makes a photo happen.
  • You like to tinker and you make things. One man's trash is another man's pizza box pinhole camera. The other day you turned your dog into a tripod and a camera dolly. Before lunch.
  • You're a Jack or Janet of all trades. You can do anything! You're an artist, writer, photographer, videographer and master friend-maker above all. Sometimes you bake cookies.
  • You're fun. We think work should be fun, and working with fun folks is a big part of that.


We're located in the Mission District in San Francisco and are seeking someone local or someone who wants to be local. (We can help with moving expenses.)

We have lots of sit-stand desks, 27" displays, roof access, and fruit delivery. You'll get to pick out your own computer, and our office is bike-friendly, dog-friendly, and dinosaur-friendly.

How to Apply

  1. Pick a favorite photo tool and give us 10 holy-cow-how'd-you-think-of-that inspiring things to do with it.
  2. ... Then do one! Give us photos, a short write-up (in Photojojo voice) and some fun ideas on how to share your project.
  3. Write a cover letter telling us why you're the perfect fit. And don't forget to attach a resume.
Send it to us by clicking 'Apply Now' button below!

Do you...

  • Love all types of photography?
  • Get a kick out of tinkering and crafting?
  • Have addictive energy and enthusiasm?
  • Love to bring people together in the name of photography?

Why this is rad

It's your job to experiment and do just about anything you want to get people excited. You'll be the face of Photojojo!


Today is November 28, 2015 and this position is open.