tl;dr → We're seeking a tech-savvy, fun-lovin',
super organized photo nut with a gift for writing. Is it you?
Write for Photojojo &
Make Photography Fun Again!


We're seeking a freelance wordsmith that loves photography. We're in San Francisco, but you can be anywhere.

About us

Hi! We're Photojojo, an online photography newsletter + store. And we're here to remind the world that photography isn't about the size of your lens - it's about fun!

We've got over 600,000 BFFs (subscribers, followers, and fans), and we're looking for a crack shot writer slash photo addict to play with Photojojo goodies and write about them for the Photojojo Store.

What you'll be doing as a Writer @ Photojojo

  • Writing awesomely entertaining copy about new Photojojo products
  • Writing 4 to 6 product pages & newsletters each month
  • Elevating product copy to an art form
  • Playing with new products & becoming an expert on them
  • Educating shoppers & getting them excited about our new finds
  • Putting your basic knowledge of HTML to use
  • Working independently and taking charge to get 'er done

About you

  • You're an effortless writer. You write for fun and are regularly complimented for your flawless clarity and wit.
  • You have mad grammar skills. You scored an A in English, and you can sharpen a sentence as easily as you can identify the grammatical errors on this page.
  • Everyone knows you're the best storyteller. Whether you're telling your BFF about your trip to the photo lab or writing a tweet, you keep 'em enthralled, start to finish.
  • You're a self-proclaimed photo nut. You've got a Hasselblad on your keychain and an iPhone in your pocket.
  • You have a head for marketing. You know precisely what makes people say gimme.
  • You meet & beat deadlines. You stick to deadlines like a pro and have stellar follow-through, even on a tight schedule.
  • Editing is your middle name. You're all about getting it right.
  • You're fun to work with.

How to Apply

1) Tell us why you're the perfect fit.

2) Attach your resume.

3) Write a 150-200 word sample about this in our voice. (Check out our store to get a sense of our style.)

We're looking for

  • Creativity -- a fun writing voice and storytelling skills.
  • Clear communication -- what does it do? Why is it rad?
  • A solid sell -- did you make us want this gizmo?

4) Send us 3 links showing us examples of what you think is great product copy. Give us a short answer as to why for each.

5) Throw it all into an email and send it off to

p.s. Apply soon. We're eager to meet you! :)


You ...

  • Write like the wind and edit ruthlessly
  • Draw from the depths of the English canon as easily as the waves of pop culture.
  • Are a pro at grammar dos & don'ts
  • Love photography an unhealthy amount
  • Stay ahead of deadlines.
  • Are so organized it's scary.
  • Have identified stylistic inconsistencies in this listing.