tl;dr → We're seeking a tech-savvy, fun-lovin',
super organized photo nut with a gift for writing. Is it you?
Write for Photojojo &
Make Photography Fun Again!


We're seeking a freelance wordsmith that loves photography. We're in San Francisco, but you can be anywhere.

About us

Hi! We're Photojojo, an online photography newsletter + store. And we're here to remind the world that photography isn't about the size of your lens - it's about fun!

We've got over 600,000 BFFs (subscribers, followers, and fans), and we're looking for a crack shot writer slash photo addict to play with Photojojo goodies and write about them for the Photojojo Store.

What you'll be doing as a Writer @ Photojojo

  • Writing awesomely entertaining copy about new Photojojo products
  • Writing 3 to 5 product pages & newsletters each month
  • Elevating product copy to an art form
  • Playing with new products & becoming an expert on them
  • Educating shoppers & getting them excited about our new finds
  • Putting your basic knowledge of HTML to use
  • Working independently and taking charge to get 'er done

About you

  • You're an effortless writer. You write for fun and are regularly complimented for your flawless clarity and wit.
  • You have mad grammar skills. You scored an A in English, and you can sharpen a sentence as easily as you can identify the grammatical errors on this page.
  • Everyone knows you're the best storyteller. Whether you're telling your BFF about your trip to the photo lab or writing a tweet, you keep 'em enthralled, start to finish.
  • You're a self-proclaimed photo nut. You've got a Hasselblad on your keychain and an iPhone in your pocket.
  • You have a head for marketing. You know precisely what makes people say gimme.
  • You meet & beat deadlines. You stick to deadlines like a pro and have stellar follow-through, even on a tight schedule.
  • Editing is your middle name. You're all about getting it right.
  • You're fun to work with.

How to Apply

1) Tell us why you're the perfect fit.

2) Attach your resume.

3) Include a link to your Instagram profile.

4) Write a 150-200 word sample about this in our voice. (Check out our store to get a sense of our style.)

We're looking for

  • Creativity -- a fun writing voice and storytelling skills.
  • Clear communication -- what does it do? Why is it rad?
  • A solid sell -- did you make us want this gizmo?

5) Send us 3 links showing us examples of what you think is great product copy. Give us a short answer as to why for each.

6) Throw it all into an email and send it off to laurel at photojojo dot com

p.s. Apply soon. We're eager to meet you! :)


You ...

  • Write like the wind and edit ruthlessly
  • Draw from the depths of the English canon as easily as the waves of pop culture.
  • Are a pro at grammar dos & don'ts
  • Love photography an unhealthy amount
  • Stay ahead of deadlines.
  • Are so organized it's scary.
  • Have identified stylistic inconsistencies in this listing.