tl;dr → We're seeking a tech-savvy, fun-lovin',
detail sweatin' photo nut with a gift for organizing get togethers. Is it you?
Plan Events For Photojojo &
Grow Our Photography Community IRL!


We're seeking a freelance Event Planner that loves photography, to spread photo fun to the good people of San Francisco and points beyond.

About us

Hi! We're Photojojo, an online photography newsletter + store. And we're here to remind the world that photography isn't about the size of your lens - it's about fun!

We've got over 600,000 BFFs (subscribers, followers, and fans), and we're looking for an enthusiastic people person slash photo addict to plan a few get togethers for us.

What you'll be doing as a Party Planner @ Photojojo

  • Bringing SF Photojojo fans together to do fun things
  • Making new friends with people who have never even heard of us
  • Putting together: photo adventures, craft nights, classes, product launch celebrations and more
  • Thinking up even more new and exciting excuses to party
  • Organizing every second of every event down to the snacks available, mood in the room and number of fire exits
  • Hugging every person who comes to a Photojojo event (if they seem like the hugging type)

About you

  • "People Person" is your middle name*
  • You're sooo organized you've got to-do list budget spreadsheet calendars (Wow! We don't even know what those are but they sure sound organized)
  • Your enthusiasm for the things you love is contagious
  • One of those things you love (almost too much) is photography
  • You believe there's no detail too small to orientate
  • When you need to you can hustle (i.e. run around all day, then party all evening)
  • You've got unique crafty ideas to party on a budget

    *not required, but would be cool

How to Apply

1) Tell us why you're the perfect fit.

2) Attach your resume.

3) In 300 words or less, describe the best party (or event) you've ever thrown.

4) Pitch us 3 event ideas. What could we do to get a bunch of photographers to show up and have the time of their lives?

5) Send along your ideal party timeline. What do you do before, during and after to make it the most epic event of all time (or at least until your next party).

We're looking for

  • Creativity -- Your event stands out from other such events.
  • Organization -- You've got every detail covered.
  • Excitement Factor -- Everyone on the planet wants to be there and all who attend are excited for your next bash.

6) Throw it all into an email and send it off to

p.s. Apply soon. We're eager to meet you! :)


You ...

  • Like people & people like you
  • Think any reason is a good enough reason to throw a party
  • Love Photography (and think everyone else should too)
  • Can hang streamers with the best of 'em
  • Think the planning part is just as fun as the party