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Office Manager & Zen Master

Are you unremittingly organized, action-oriented, and an optimist at heart? We had a dream about you.

We're looking for an Office Zen Master to run special projects, throw fun events, and keep Photojojo HQ fully stocked with good vibes.

Location: San Francisco, CA

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Industrial Product Designer

We're diving deep into making our own photo gadgets and gizmos. But we need a creative mind and an eager self starter to lead the charge as our very first Product Designer.

You'll be building out an entirely new area of Photojojo and making amazing photo tools to inspire the masses! Much excite.

Location: San Francisco, CA

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Full Stack Web Engineer

We're seeking a full-time Web Engineer to join our team and help build the most fun shopping experience online.

Must impose MVC separation on all areas of life, get a high from solving tough problems, and inspire greatness in others.

Location: Houston, TX

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iOS Developer

We're seeking a full-time iOS Developer to join our team and help build the most fun and incredible mobile apps.

Must live and breath apps, enjoy making others smile through your creations, and also apps, apps, apps.

Location: Houston, TX

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Tutorial Writers Wanted

We're on the lookout for freelance Tutorial Writers/Photographers! (Yep, that's plural!)

You'll be applying your love for photo DIY, your sharp writing skills, and hawk-like eye for details to teach people all over the world how to do things!

Location: Earth
(Planets within 1.5 AU with reliable Internet considered.)

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